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Title Introduction
Cafe View Cafe View in Scarborough is part of the scheme and committed to providing healthier food options.
Cairn Hotel Cairn Hotel is a wedding venue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Calendar girls have a menopause message for everyone A group from the North Yorkshire coast is leading the way in making a dramatic improvement to women’s lives by lifting the lid on issues they face during the menopause.
Camblesforth Hall Camblesforth Hall is a wedding venue in Selby, North Yorkshire.
Cambridge House This bed and breakfast in Reeth are providing healthier choices in their breakfast menu.
Camp Hill Estate Camp Hill Estate is a wedding venue in Kirklington, Bedale, North Yorkshire.
Cancer awareness The risk of getting cancer is down to our genes as well as our environment and aspects of our lives, many of which we can control.
Cans You can recycle tins and cans, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Car chemicals Car chemicals are accepted, free of charge, at all of our household waste recycling centres.
Car Parts You can recycle various parts of cars at all our household waste recycling centres.
Cardboard You can recycle cardboard, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of adults after cancer and is a common reason for premature death.
Care Act The Care Act introduced changes to the way care and support is delivered. You can find out more about these changes here.
Care at home Home care can help you continue to live independently and safely in your own home.
Care leavers: identity, community and society Develop your interests, participate in groups, clubs or voluntary work; meet other care leavers; and have your say about how we support you.
Care leavers: independent living skills Practical support is available to make sure you can build life skills including self-care, cooking, shopping, laundry and budgeting.
Care leavers: your accommodation and where you live Learn about the different support and housing options available for care leavers, including ‘staying put’ and supported lodgings.
Care leavers: your education, training and employment We support care leavers to reach their goals and fulfil their potential with accessing higher and further education, and work opportunities.
Care leavers: your finances and documents We help with budgeting, provide allowances to help with essential purchases or emergencies, and help keep your important documents safe.
Care leavers: your health and development Find out how we can support you to be active, take care of yourself, and stay healthy, as you move into adulthood.
Care leavers: your relationships We support you to develop good relationships with people who are important to you, whether that’s family members, foster carers or teachers.
Care leavers: your right to be heard We make sure your views are listened to. Find out how an advocate could help your voice be heard. Also, how to access your records.
Care services directory The care services directory contains information about social care services available in North Yorkshire and lists care and nursing homes.
Care workers front major county recruitment campaign Front line care workers in North Yorkshire, as well as the people they care for, have come together to call for more people to step forward and join the care workforce.
Careers in adult social care Find out about adult social care careers in North Yorkshire from our Make Care Matter website.
Careers in legal and democratic services Find out about careers in our legal and democratic services department.
Careers in technology and change Find out about careers in our technology and change service.
Carentan House Cafe This care home is in Selby is part of the healthier choices scheme and offering its guests and residents healthier food options.
Carer assessment A carer assessment helps you to think about your caring role, how it affects your life and what support you may need.
Carer support groups and organisations Information about carer support groups and local support available from one of the carers' centres in North Yorkshire.
Carer's emergency card The carer's emergency card identifies you as a carer if you have an accident or cannot identify yourself. It is the size of a credit card.
Carers Find out about carers, the support available to carers, take a carer assessment and join the carers' forum.
Carers group keeps pandemic measures to connect people in place Many organisations had no option other than to move services online to cope with the constraints of lockdowns and isolating during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, and Ryedale Carer Support was among them.
Carlton Towers Carlton Towers is a wedding venue in North Yorkshire.
Carpet or rugs You can take carpet and rugs, free of charge, to all our household waste recycling centres.
Carrier bags You can take carrier bags or plastic bags, free of charge, to all our household waste recycling centres.
Cartons You can take cartons, free of charge, to all our household waste recycling centres.
Castle and stately home wedding venues View castles and stately home wedding venues.
Castle Howard Castle Howard is a wedding venue in North Yorkshire.
Castle is a living link to town’s military heritage Although Richmond Castle dates from the Norman era and has been in ruins since the 15th century, it remains an essential and active part of the town.
Catterick Bridge household waste recycling centre Opening times, location and waste taken at Catterick Bridge HWRC.
Catterick community library Information about Catterick community library including contact details and services offered.
Cavendish Pavilion Cavendish Pavilion is a wedding venue in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
Cecilia's Pizzeria This pizzeria near Skipton is part of the Healthier Choices scheme, and has committed to providing healthy food options.
Cedar Court Hotel Cedar Court Hotel is a wedding venue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Celebrating Selby community champions Community champions the length and breadth of North Yorkshire have been doing their bit to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.
Census information A nationwide census is completed, by the Office for National Statistics, every 10 years. It counts all people and households throughout the country.
Ceremonies Wherever you are thinking of getting married or forming a civil partnership, we can guide you through the process.
Certificates – birth, death, marriage and civil partnership Buy a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate online and view details about the records we hold.
Chairman of the council The chairman's duty is to represent and promote the council at all civic and ceremonial occasions as well as chair the full council meetings.
Changes to services during coronavirus (Covid-19) See an overview of how our services have changed due to Covid-19
Changing or correcting a birth record How to change a name or make a correction on your child's birth certificate.
Changing Places Changing Places are toilets designed to provide extra facilities for people with severe or multiple disabilities.
Changing schools and in year applications Read advice about changing schools and to make an in-year application for a school place outside the normal dates.
Charity helps people of all abilities enjoy and conserve our countryside Whatever a person's ability, Yorkshire-based charity Open Country makes sure everyone can access and enjoy the glorious North Yorkshire countryside.
Charity hits the ground running to help more than one in ten The name Community Works was unfamiliar in Thirsk until a matter of weeks before the coronavirus pandemic struck last year – but it was quickly established as a mainstay of the community.
Charles Bathurst Inn Charles Bathurst Inn is a wedding venue in Richmond, North Yorkshire.
Check your application progress Check your application progress if you have already applied for a vacancy.
Check yourself: self-care Prevent illness and problems in the future by caring for yourself. You can test your heart age or BMI or attend a free NHS health check.
Chemicals Household chemicals and fuels are accepted, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Children & Families Service - career opportunities Career opportunities within our children and families service to help and support children, young people and their families in North Yorkshire.
Children and families Information a children and families services
Children and family care Useful documents to download including information and support for looked-after children and about fostering and care.
Children and family hubs Find out about the sessions, courses, activities, services and support our children and family hubs offer to families across North Yorkshire.
Children and family hubs volunteering Information about volunteering within the Children and Families’ Service – Early Help and how to express an interest.
Children's and young people's mental health It's important to tackle mental health issues in early life and help children move on to positive and fulfilled lives.
Children's Resource Centre Opportunities Opportunities available to work with children and young people with complex disabilities and health care needs to support and help them to reach their full potential.
Childrens Resource Centre Join us as we empower and support children and young people with complex disabilities and health care needs and inspire them to reach their full potential.
Children’s Assistive Technology Service Our Assistive Technology service is available for children across a range of settings and services.
Choir offers a voice to everyone When it was created in 2015, Selby Community Choir was intended to provide new opportunities for residents to expand their horizons and get involved in the place where they live.
Choosing childcare Find childcare in your local area using our online map. Providers can also access the provider portal. You can also access the 2021 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Report.
Christmas trees You can recycle Christmas trees, free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres.
Church provides a hub for so many community activities Religion is a vital component of life for many people, but churches have a broader impact on communities than worship alone, as Kirkbymoorside Methodist Church demonstrates.
Citizenship ceremonies Find out about the citizenship ceremony and what to do before and on the day.
Cleveland Tontine Cleveland Tontine is a wedding venue in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
Clinical waste Clinical waste cannot be accepted at any household waste recycling centres.
CLOSED - Assistant Coroner Assistant Coroners are needed to support the Senior Coroner across the full range of coroner duties for the people of North Yorkshire and York.
CLOSED - Head of Delivery - Digital and Transformation We're seeking a new head of delivery - digital and transformation to lead and implement digital and transformation strategies across the council.
Coastal wedding venues View wedding venues near the seaside.
Cognition and learning within SEND Professional guidance on cognition and learning support for SEND.
Colburn community library Information about Colburn community library including contact details and services offered.
Come for the books, come back for so much more The traditional image of a local library may involve shelves stacked with books, but in Filey the town’s branch has evolved into a community hub which provides far more than just reading material.
Commercial waste We accept certain types of commercial waste at all of our household waste recycling centres.
Commercial waste disposal and charges We accept certain types of commercial waste at all of our household waste recycling centres except at the Harrogate Stonefall centre.
Committee membership Your local councillor will participate in committees representing your local area, and may be involved in a number of other committees.
Common land and village greens Information about the land registered in our area and how we maintain the land registers.
Common land and village greens registers Information about the land registered in our area and how we maintain the land registers.
Common land applications and decision notices See copies of common land applications received and decisions made as the registration authority.
Communication and interaction needs within SEND Find out more information about communication and interaction needs for young people with SEND.
Community and day centres We provide day services offering people a chance to pursue meaningful and valued work, social and leisure activities.
Community and living Information and community and living services in North Yorkshire.
Community and voluntary roles We offer access to many voluntary and community roles. These can offer valuable experience, huge satisfaction and in some cases, open the way to future careers.
Community arts body a pioneer by name and nature Pioneer Projects is embedded as an irreplaceable part of the social infrastructure that makes Bentham the community it is.
Community arts centre provides welcome variety for cultural scene Fate dictated that Whitby’s Flowergate Hall Community Arts Centre would come to life in circumstances some would have regarded as almost impossible.
Community awards Information about the organisations and individual volunteers who have won or received nominations in our annual community awards.
Community directory - North Yorkshire Connect North Yorkshire Connect is our community directory for North Yorkshire. Local information, advice, support, activities and things to do.
Community efforts have kept The Station on track for 15 years Richmond’s historic railway station suffered the same fate as many others when sweeping British Rail cuts in the 1960s saw services scrapped.
Community Forum supports many Bedale projects Yorkshire Forward is a name fast disappearing into the history of the county, but although the name may be fading in Bedale, its impact remains very much in the present.
Community Fridge makes green sense – that’s finance and the environment Foodbanks have become a feature of many communities in recent years, but Scarborough’s recently opened Community Fridge serves as environmental purpose as well as feeding those who struggle to meet their bills.
Community gritting partnerships Information about how parish and town councils and other organisations can help with winter maintenance.
Community renewal fund Get information about the community renewal funding available in North Yorkshire.
Community right to challenge Community right to challenge gives communities chance run and shape services on our behalf where they believe they can do so differently and better.
Community supervision Young people who offend seriously or repeatedly may be charged to a youth court, and placed under a community supervision order.
Community transport Information and contact details for community transport schemes in North Yorkshire that provide a wide range of accessible services.
Community transport is about more than getting from A to B Reeth Community Transport might provide vital services to an area where bus services are scarce, but the charity’s work is as much about ‘community’ as it is about the transport it provides.
Community’s size belies its strength Few communities could claim to be more richly steeped in Yorkshire history than Bentham, taking it back to the Domesday Book where St John the Baptist Church was noted.
Compassionate school pupils take the initiative when it comes to fundraising A nine-year-old boy has donated hundreds of pounds to his primary school after writing and selling his own books.
Complain to a school about SEND What to do if you are unhappy with something at your child’s school and your child has SEND.
Complain to the Department for Education about a SEND issue The Department for Education looks at complaints about maintained schools, academies or free schools.
Complain to the Information Commissioner You can complain to the information commissioner if you have problems accessing information stored about your child.
Complain to the local authority and SENDIASS What to do if you are unhappy with the way the local authority is dealing with your child’s special educational needs.
Complain to the Local Government Ombudsman about SEND The local government ombudsman investigates complaints of injustice, including SEND issues. poor administration by local authorities.
Complaints, comments or compliments Submit a complaint, comment or compliment about a council services online.
Composting Composting at home cuts CO2 emissions and turns most kitchen and garden waste into a free supply of compost.
Computing and getting online adult learning courses We have a range of courses to update your computing skills whether it is for work, to gain or improve your skills or a leisure interest.
Conference, hall and meeting room hire Our libraries have meeting rooms for hire by community groups and the public.
Coniston Hotel Coniston Hotel is a wedding venue in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
Connect with us on social media Follow our recruitment social media channels for job opportunities in North Yorkshire.
Connected vehicle data funding bid Information about our bid for connected vehicle data funding from the Department for Transport.
Conservation See what conservation activities we are involved in to help maintain our natural environment.
Conservation areas and listed buildings Find out who to contact about property developments within conservation areas and for listed buildings advice.
Consultation and community engagement It is important for us to know your views on the services we provide and to have your assistance in making improvements.
Consultations Give us your views and get involved with the decisions we make to help us spend public money wisely and deliver services you expect from us.
Consumer advice Consumer advice is provided on our behalf by the Citizens Advice service and they will pass details of any enforcement issues to us.
Consumer rights - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on consumer rights-related topics, including consumer contracts, description of goods, returns policies, sale and supply of goods, package holidays and more.
Contact the SEND team Contact us if you need information about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), the local offer and SEND hubs.
Contact the youth justice service We operate from four different locations within North Yorkshire.
Contact Trading Standards For Trading Standards advice, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
Contact us Information about how to contact North Yorkshire County Council
Contracting for adult social care and health services View a range of information including approved providers, care home fees and contact details.
Controlled parking zones Controlled parking zones are on-street parking schemes operating throughout North Yorkshire. View details and apply for a parking permit.
Cookers You can recycle household cookers (gas and electric), free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres.
Cookies Find out about cookies that are used on our website at www.northyorks.gov.uk.
Cooking Fantastic Coffee Shop Cooking Fantastic Coffee Shop is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Cooking oil Cooking oil is accepted at all household waste recycling centres, except for Wombleton HWRC.
Core interventions included in both packages These are measures we are already taking or plan to take to help to reduce congestion.
Core offer to care leavers The core offer to care leavers in North Yorkshire: all the services and support in one place to help you achieve what you want from life.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccinations in North Yorkshire The NHS is vaccinating people against coronavirus (Covid-19) across the country.
Coronavirus advice and information Maintaining the safety of everyone in North Yorkshire is our top priority.
Coronavirus data See information on the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.
Coroners and sudden death investigations in North Yorkshire and York Information about deaths that are sudden, unexpected, violent or unnatural and those that occur in legal custody.
Cost of living support There are a wide variety of support schemes and organisations in North Yorkshire which may be able to help or advise if you are struggling to pay for essentials.
Could you be a foster carer to give families a well-earned break? A recruitment drive is under way for a service to provide short-term foster care for families after its use fell dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic amid concerns over the spread of the disease.
Council car parks Information about council-run off-street car parks.
Council constitution The council constitution explains our structure and workings, including all the rules and procedures under which we operate.
Council forward plan We publish a forward plan of key decisions at least once a month as we are required to give 28 days notice of key decisions due to be taken.
Council information Find out about the role and structure of the council, our constitution, parish and town councils, newsletter, website and press contacts.
Council minutes, agendas and reports View committee papers (including agendas, minutes and reports) for both upcoming committee meetings and previous meetings.
Council Performance Our Corporate Performance Report and service plans show how we’re working towards meeting the ambitions and priorities detailed in our Council Plan.
Council plan The council plan 2022-23 details how we intend to adapt to meet the challenges up until 2023.
Councillor allowances Find out how much councillors are paid, and how the allowances procedure is overseen.
Councillors information Find out who North Yorkshire's county councillors are and what they do.
Councillors' code of conduct Councillors are regulated by our code of conduct, and an ethical framework overseen by the standards committee.
Councillors, committees and meetings Find out about your councillors and their work, council meetings, information about scrutiny procedures, and how to get involved in decision making.
Countryside volunteers Help to maintain access to the countryside and support nature conservation, look after rights of way in beautiful landscapes.
County council election results Find out the results for the county council elections held on 5 May.
County councillor locality budgets Each county councillor has a budget to allow them to respond to local needs by recommending funding to support specific activities.
County record office The county record office and archives collects, preserves and makes available historic and current records for the study of North Yorkshire.
County record office volunteering Volunteers are needed who have a passion for local history or research, helping us to conserve our county’s heritage for future generations.
Courses and training for employers We deliver courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and bespoke training to staff in local businesses, charity organisations and other local authority organisations.
Court Youth courts specialise in dealing with criminal charges against young people.
Covid-19 Early Years Funding To support those early years’ providers that have remained open during the Covid-19 crisis, we are providing a financial support package over and above the financial support provided by central government.
Covid-19 testing The government have ending free PCR and LFD testing for most people.
Crab Manor Hotel Crab Manor Hotel is a wedding venue in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
Crathorne Hall Hotel Crathorne Hall Hotel is a wedding venue in North Yorkshire.
Craven district View a list of businesses in the Skipton area and wider Craven district taking part in the Healthier Choices scheme.
Creative Coffee Shop Creative Coffee Shop is open to the public, serving healthier choices in its menu.
Crockery and cutlery You can recycle crockery and cutlery, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Croft Community makes valuable contribution to town life It may seem surprising that 20th century European history has a lasting effect on Malton’s community in 2022, but the town’s Croft Community is very much a part of the town and owes its existence to events of the 1930s.
Croft Hotel Croft Hotel is a wedding venue in Croft-on-Tees, North Yorkshire.
Cross House Lodge Cross House Lodge is a wedding venue in Harome, North Yorkshire.
Crosshills - South Craven community library Information about South Craven community library, Crosshills including contact details and services offered.
Crossing the road safely – pedestrians and school patrols Information about what we do to make sure people can cross the road safely, including pedestrian crossings and school crossing patrols.
Crown Hotel Boroughbridge View information about Crown Hotel Boroughbridge.
Crown Hotel Harrogate Crown Hotel is a wedding venue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Crown Spa Hotel Crown Spa Hotel is a wedding venue in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Current consultations Find out about our current consultations and give us your views.
Current emergency road and bridge closures In the event of an emergency such as severe weather, we provide a list of road and bridge closures.
Currently Electively Home Educating (EHE) but considering your child attending school Guidance for parents or carers who are currently electively home educating and are considering sending your child to school.
Custody Custodial sentences are rarely used for North Yorkshire young offenders. 95% of convictions result in community-based supervision or orders.
Cut your cloth and your carbon footprint It’s pretty shocking to think that the ‘fast fashion’ industry is widely believed to be the second highest carbon-creating industry in the world, writes service improvement officer Jenny Lowes.
Cycle lanes and routes View cycle routes across the county on our online map, report a problem or view advice about requesting a new lane.