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Title Introduction
Fair trading Our trading standards team is at the frontline of consumer and business protection.
Fair trading and pricing - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on fair trading-related topics, including consumer contracts, internet auction sites, used cars, ticket sales, consumer credit and more.
Falcon Manor View information about Falcon Manor.
Falling Foss Tea Garden View information about Falling Foss Tea Garden.
Fantinos Italian Restaurant Fantinos offers Healthier Choice items on its menu for when you are eating out.
Farm management For farm record keeping, laws govern what information must be kept and for how long.
Feathers Hotel Feather Hotels is a wedding venue in Helmsley, North Yorkshire.
Feed hygiene By law, feed businesses must have a system in place to ensure feed is safe for the animals and the food chain and to be registered or approved by their local authority.
Feversham Arms Hotel View information about Feversham Arms Hotel.
Filey library Information about Filey library including contact details and services offered.
Filling in the common application form Tips and advice on filling in the school admissions form, advice on listing schools in order of preference, and how to make changes.
Filmore & Union Filmore & Union is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Finance opportunities Our finance team are recruiting credible and commercially-minded accountancy professionals to join our organisation. We have Senior Accountant and Accountant opportunities available.
Financial assessment We carry out a financial assessment to decide how much you will pay for the social care services you receive.
Financial information Statement of financial accounts, examined by auditors appointed by the Audit Commission, are published each year. A summary accounts leaflet is also available.
Find a school Advice on choosing a school, find a school near you on our interactive maps, learn about how catchment areas work and find which you live in.
Find GPs, dentists, opticians, pharmacies and other health services Find information and locations for GPs, hospitals, dentists, opticians, pharmacies and other health services.
Find your local household waste recycling centre Find your local household waste recycling centre, opening hours, what you can recycle and any restrictions that apply.
Find your local school A list of our schools and other children's establishments.
Fire extinguishers You can recycle household fire extinguishers, free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres.
Firebox Cafe @ Stage 1 Cycles This cafe at Hawes is part of the Healthier Choices scheme, and has committed to providing healthy food options.
First World War commemoration projects Learn about projects aiming to help broaden the understanding of how the First World War continues to shape our world.
Flamingo Land View information about Flamingo Land.
Flatts Farm View information about Flatts Farm.
Fletchers Farm Coffee Shop Fletchers Farm Coffee Shop is offering Healthier Choices on its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Flood and water management Information about how we tackle local flood risks and the steps we are taking to protect our communities.
Flood recovery advice and guidance View practical health and safety advice about cleaning up after a flood and details of organisations and services that can help.
Flooding Advice on preparing for and dealing with flooding, and what to do if your property gets flooded.
Flying high - giving young people with SEND a voice Flying high is a group of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who represent the views of others within North Yorkshire.
Foil You can recycle clean foil, free of charge (including commercial waste), at all our household waste recycling centres.
Food - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on food-related topics, including food labelling, weights and measures, food composition, disposal, colouring and more.
Food safety Food safety is vital for your business. Customers look for a positive experience when consuming foods and you are responsible for providing safe food.
Food waste Household food waste can be taken, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Food, drink and entertainment Information about licenses and permits relating to food, drink and entertainment.
Fostering Choose to foster, change a life. Find out more about fostering in North Yorkshire.
Fostering - including private fostering Find out about fostering, private fostering and our new scheme for young people in care, "No Wrong Door".
Fountains Hall View information about Fountains Hall.
Fraud investigation and whistleblowing We consider any allegations of fraud, loss or corruption to be very serious and will investigate them as a matter of urgency.
Free school meals Free school meals are available to all key stage one pupils and to children whose parents receive certain benefits.
Freedom of information requests and open data Make or pay for a freedom of information request online and view open and environmental data from us and our partners.
Fridge and freezers You can recycle all household fridges and freezers (and fridge freezers), free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres.
Fryton Catering Coffee House This coffee house are offering healthier choices in their menus.
Funerals, burials, cremations and memorials Details on where to find information about buying a grave, funeral costs and memorial construction.
Furniture You can recycle all household furniture including doors, beds, cupboards and sofas, free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres.
Further information about Harrogate and Knaresborough congestion Find out further information of the Harrogate and Knaresborough congestion measures.