Farming in extreme weather

James Copeland, Senior Environment and Land Use Adviser at the National Farmers Union said:

‘The National Farmers Union represents 55,000 farmer and grower members that mange about two-thirds of the agricultural land across England and Wales. Building on the National Farmers Union’s Integrated Water Management Strategy, we continue to advocate the need for a long-term strategic plan designed to increase the resilience of agricultural businesses to future extreme weather events and one that takes a whole catchment approach.

To support our members to plan, prepare and recover from increasing extreme weather events, we have produced an adverse weather, water, and flooding toolbox. The toolbox includes all the latest alerts, guidance, and information to help keep members businesses and families safe, including quick tips on using your mobile phone to send an emergency message or to share your location.  

Last year we had members land under twelve feet of water in the early spring, followed by a very dry spring and summer that saw Yorkshire go into drought. Their businesses are impacted by climate change and how we manage these impacts. We therefore continue to engage with all Local Resilience Forums in their planning, incident management and recovery work.’

You can read the National Farmers Union adverse weather, water, and flooding toolbox