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Title Introduction
Abnormal loads and weight limits Advice on transporting abnormal loads on our roads and the steps you should follow to notify us.
About our apprenticeships One job - a thousand opportunities! There has never been a better time to consider applying for an apprenticeship!
About our graduate programme We are excited to offer a variety of opportunities across the organisation for recent graduates who have the skills, attitude and motivation to join us at this very challenging and exciting time.
About the council Find out who we are and what we do.
About the county record office North Yorkshire county record office provides record keeping services for North Yorkshire County Council and its communities.
About the Scarborough Trails Inspiring Scarborough residents to get out of the house and into the outdoors.
About the Selby Trails Inspiring Selby residents to get out of the house and into the outdoors.
Access fund for sustainable travel We have submitted a bid for a share of £60m from the government for sustainable travel projects in Harrogate, Scarborough and Skipton.
Accessibility We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible to provide the best service to all in the community.
Accessing archaeological and historic environment information Details about how we record information about historic sites and monuments, known as the historic environment record.
Accessing social care services Find out how to access social care services and the costs involved.
Activities for older people District and borough councils provide a wide range of leisure, cultural, sporting and organised social activities for older people.
Additional schools information Information about home schooling, visits, governors, the music service and more
Admissions - important dates There are a number of important dates that you need to be aware of if you are applying for a school place.
Admissions policies View admissions policies for schools in North Yorkshire.
Admissions, transport and free school meals team Contact details for the admissions, transport and free school meals teams.
Adoption All kinds of children need adopting - from toddlers and young school-age children to siblings who need to stay together.
Adult carers Help and advice for people who look after a relative, friend or neighbour but are not employed to do so; they are classed as a carer.
Adult education and training courses Part-time adult education and training courses at locations across North Yorkshire. Browse high quality courses online and enrol today.
Adult eligibility for social care services Many people, either through disability or after an accident or illness, find they need a little help regaining abilities or maintaining independence.
Adult social care - local account A local account is an annual statement that all councils who provide adult social care services are required to produce.
Adult social care complaints If you are unhappy about a service we provide or the care we have arranged for you, please tell us.
Adult social care provider bulletin Access the latest editions of the provider bulletin.
Adults Find out how the different partner organisations in North Yorkshire work together to ensure that adults in the area receive the support they need.
Advice and support to help with daily living You can use the AskSARA online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping yourself with daily activities in your own home.
Advice to business Advice for businesses about products, adverts, retail and more
Aerosols You can recycle empty aerosols, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Alcohol Alcohol is the third biggest risk factor for ill health and death in the UK after tobacco and high blood pressure
Alcohol and entertainment licence The Licensing Act 2003 covers the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment.
Aldwark Manor Hotel Information about Aldwark Manor Hotel
Alfresco Alfresco is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
All about education, health and care plans and requesting an assessment Find out about education, health and care plans and how to request an assessment of your child's needs.
Allerton Castle View information about Allerton Castle
Allerton Court Hotel View information about Allerton Court Hotel
Allotments, playgrounds, parks and open spaces Find out about allotments, parks, playgrounds and outdoor and indoor play areas.
Animal health - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on animal health-related topics, including infections and diseases, animal movement, slaughter, feed hygiene, and more.
Animal health and welfare Guidance on animal health and welfare services
Animal notifiable infectious diseases Our trading standards service is responsible for the enforcement of animal health and welfare legislation.
Animal welfare services Both the County Council and the district councils have responsibilities for animal welfare.
Animals (dead) Dead animals cannot be accepted at any of our household waste recycling centre.
Annual review of your child's statement of special educational needs Find out about the annual review of your child's statement of special educational needs.
Appeal a planning decision Planning appeals can be submitted against planning permission refusals or against conditions that we may have imposed in granting planning permission.
Apply for a primary or junior school place Apply for a primary or junior school place using the online school admissions.
Apply for a secondary or selective school place If your child is transferring from primary to secondary school you need to apply for a school place.
Apply for a secondary school place Apply to start secondary school for the first time.
Apply for an employment check Apply for a disclosure and barring (DBS) check online and find out why these employment checks are required.
Apply for an in-year school place You can apply mid-year for a school place or to make a late application to start in reception or Year 7.
Apply online Apply online for council services quickly and easily 24 hours a day.
Apply to license a venue for civil marriage and civil partnerships Apply for permission to hold civil marriages and civil partnerships at your venue.
Apply to register land or change an existing registration Learn about the process to register land or change registrations and find answers to frequently asked questions.
Apprenticeships Find out about the Real Start scheme, how to apply for an apprenticeship and the types of roles available.
Apprenticeships and graduate opportunities There has never been a better time to consider applying for an apprenticeship!
Apprenticeships, graduates and work experience Find out about the different schemes we have to offer and how to apply online.
Approved lists of adult social care services providers This page shows care homes and home care (domiciliary care) providers that have been accepted on to our approved lists.
Approved lists of adult social care services providers View lists of our approved providers for adult social care services, and information on how we monitor our providers and details on how providers can contact us.
Approved suppliers and working with our suppliers Find information about our approved suppliers and our e-tendering system, YORtender.
Archaeology Advice and information about how we preserve our heritage for future generations.
Arden House Arden House is offering Healthier Choices in its breakfast menu. It gives you options when staying out.
Armed Forces Find out how we support the armed forces based in North Yorkshire, the veterans who live in the county, and all their families.
Arts and entertainment Whether you are a visitor to the area or a resident, there are plenty of opportunities for people of all ages to take part in the arts in North Yorkshire.
Asbestos You can take small quantities of cement bonded asbestos, free of charge, to seven of our household waste recycling centres.
Ascot House The small hotel with the big welcome
Ascot House View information about Ascot House
Ash You can take cold ash, free of charge, to all our household waste recycling centres.
Ashfield, Malton Ashfield in Malton is an elderly persons home that provides residential care for up to 29 people. It includes facilities to provide care on a short stay or respite basis.
Ashfield, Skipton Ashfield in Skipton is an elderly persons home that provides residential care for up to 29 people. It includes facilities to provide care on a short stay basis and features a specific unit to support up to five people living with dementia.
Assisted purchase scheme for musical instruments The scheme lets you buy new or second-hand musical instruments VAT free if you receive lessons from ourselves in a local authority school.
Authorities monitoring report The authorities monitoring report shows the implementation of the minerals and waste development scheme and the success with which any adopted policies are implemented.
Avoiding infection on farm visits Visiting a farm is an enjoyable and educational experience, however animals can carry a number of infections that can be harmful to people.