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Title Introduction
Immunisation for children and young people Information on vaccines, disease and immunisation for you and your family can be found on the NHS Choices website.
Improvement and scrutiny Information about the scrutiny committees that independently monitor how we go about our business and the decisions we make.
Improving health and wellbeing and giving people effective support Equality impact assessments under this objective include adult social care and adult learning.
Incontinence laundry services Laundry services provided by social care services or health partners are available in some parts of the county for people who have incontinence problems.
Independent support and Core Assets Find out about the independent support you can receive and the role of an independent supporter.
Indulge Deli Bar Indulge Deli Bar is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Indulge Hornbeam Indulge Hornbeam is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Ingleton community library Information about Ingleton community library including contact details and services offered.
Innisfree View information about Innisfree.
Innovation fund Providing funding to organisations for new or creative approaches in adult social care.
Integrated community equipment store catalogue We are responsible for loaning equipment through our integrated community equipment loan service. The service provides both health and social care equipment.
Irons You can recycle household irons including cables, free of charge, at all household waste recycling centres