Information and advice on cyber attacks

A cyber attack is an attempt to steal, expose, alter or destroy information through unauthorised access to computer systems. Cyber criminals are motivated by financial gain through money theft, data theft or business disruption. 

Smart phones, computers and the internet are a fundamental part of modern life, bringing new opportunities, but also new threats, which is why it is so important to be aware of the risks.

What could happen:

  • personal or business data is taken
  • people’s lives could be at risk if the NHS is targeted
  • money could be taken from you or your business, and it could cost you to recover after the cyber attack
  • an interruption to the supply of essential goods, services and communications network

What you can do:

What the resilience forum is doing: 

  • developing plans to respond to and manage the consequences of an attack
  • assessing the local consequences of malicious threats in line with UK government guidance

More information

Visit the National Cyber Security Centre website for more tips on staying secure online.