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Title Introduction
Rachel’s story Rachel Bowes, Assistant Director of Care and Support, knows perhaps more than anybody the great rewards of spending a lifetime career in care.
Radiators Radiators are accepted, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Raven Hall Hotel Raven Hall Hotel is a wedding venue in Ravenscar, North Yorkshire.
Ready for anything volunteering When there's an emergency incident such as flooding, you can help support people in your community to stay safe and informed.
Real time travel information Real time information removes the uncertainty a passenger feels when waiting at a bus stop, by providing the arrival time of the next bus.
Record office collections and services Details of our collections and services, including copying, records, and conservation, and our family and local history research service.
Record office policies and deposits Information for depositors, as well as our other policies including access, acquisition, collections and preservation.
Record office projects and events We hold regular events and work with local groups throughout North Yorkshire to develop community heritage projects and learning activities.
Record Office services during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Details of changes to our library and record office services.
Records, DVDs, CDs and tapes You can take records, DVDs, CDs and tapes, free of charge, to all household waste recycling centres.
Recruitment checks Recruitment checks are an essential part of your offer as we cannot welcome you on board until all the necessary checks have been completed.
Recruitment information and documentation (non-teachers) Congratulations! You have been directed to this page as you have either been successful in securing an interview with North Yorkshire County Council or you have been offered and accepted a position with the council.
Recruitment information and documentation (teachers) Congratulations! You have been directed to this page as you have either been successful in securing an interview with North Yorkshire County Council or you have been offered and accepted a position with the council.
Recycling small electricals can make a big difference Many of us have broken or unwanted small electrical items tucked away around the house – so we’re making it easier to recycle them.
Reduce and reuse Reducing waste and reusing items helps the environment by saving energy and resources.
Reeth then and now Reeth and its surrounding landscape has a timeless charm appreciated by both residents and visitors.
Referendums Information about referendums at local and national levels.
Refugees take on key roles in Selby community response Refugees played a key role in the pandemic response in many North Yorkshire communities by taking on volunteer roles in everything from delivering groceries, to translating vital public health messages.
Regen Centre Regen Centre is a wedding venue in Selby, North Yorkshire.
Registering a death Find information to help you register a death and book an appointment online.
Registering a place of worship for marriage ceremonies Information on applying for a building of worship to become a building where marriages can take place as well as cancelling a licence.
Registering a stillbirth Registering a baby's stillbirth will be arranged on an individual basis, with the utmost regard paid to parents' care and wellbeing.
Registering the birth of your baby Book an appointment online to register the birth of your baby and get a birth certificate.
Registering to vote and electoral register Find out how to register to vote in local and national elections and learn about the electoral register, including proxy and postal voting.
Registration offices View details of our registration office wedding venues.
Registration service fees Details of the price of services by our registration service, including ceremonies and certificates.
Relish Sandwich Bar Relish Sandwich Bar offer Healthier Choices in their menu, it gives you more options when eating out.
Rendezvous Hotel Rendezvous Hotel is a wedding venue in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
Renewing your vows A renewal ceremony is designed for couples who wish to renew their wedding or civil partnership vows.
Replace a school bus pass Request a replacement bus pass online if your school or college bus pass has been damaged, lost or stolen.
Report a street light problem Information about how to report a problem with a street light and details about how street lights are maintained.
Report online Report problems to the council quickly and easily 24 hours a day.
Request a highways improvement How to ask for new road features such as kerbs, crossings, street lights, signs, salt bins, road markings, and speed bumps.
Request involvement from adult social care Do you, or somebody you know, need help with daily living?
Requesting an assessment for an education, health and care plan Find out about education, health and care plans (EHCP) and how to request an assessment of your child's needs.
Research and business information services Library staff will research your enquiry for up to 30 minutes without charge. We also offer a business information research service.
Residential and business planning, building control and land charges District or borough councils deal with residential and business planning including area search, applications, building control and land charges.
Residential care for children Children's residential units are there for young people aged 13 to 17 when they cannot live with their own family, for whatever reason.
Residential care homes and nursing homes Information about care homes and nursing homes, which offer 24 hour care.
Residential parking zones and permits View details of residents parking zones and apply for a permit.
Residential planning consultations Residential planning consultations are carried out by your district or borough council.
Resilience and emergencies team The resilience and emergencies teamis responsible for planning for a wide variety of potential incidents and emergencies that could affect the population of North Yorkshire.
Resource Centre Worker - Nidderdale Children's Resource Centre Nidderdale Children's Resource Centre in Harrogate are seeking Resource Centre Worker's to join their award winning team.
Retirement on hold as Carol stays on the frontline in Craven Frontline workers remain as important as ever as work goes on every day to support those who need help during the pandemic.
Richmond community library Information about Richmond community library including contact details and services offered.
Richmond registration office View details about the Richmond registration office.
Richmond then and now Changes to historic towns like Richmond seem almost imperceptible, but while the architecture may survive largely untouched, details tell the story of the passage of time.
Richmond Town Hall Richmond Town Hall is a wedding venue in Richmond, North Yorkshire.
Richmondshire district View a list of businesses in Richmondshire taking part in the Healthier Choices scheme here.
Rights of way and development Information that developers need to know if they are carrying out work affecting a public right of way.
Rights of way information and advice Information about the different types of rights of way and who can use them.
Rights of way maintenance Information about who looks after public rights of way and how to report any issues.
Rights of way maps View the public rights of way in North Yorkshire on our online maps.
Rights of way public notices See the latest order notices for diversions, definitive map modification orders and temporary closures and how to comment on a notice.
Ripley Castle Ripley Castle is a wedding venue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Ripon Cathedral is an imposing presence in many different levels With a history dating back 1,350 years – an anniversary being celebrated this year – Ripon Cathedral has an undeniable architectural importance.
Ripon household waste recycling centre Opening times, location and the waste taken at Ripon HWRC.
Ripon library Information about Ripon library including contact details and services offered.
Ripon library offers much more than just books to loan When the Covid-19 pandemic meant libraries could not use soft furnishings, it could have left stark spaces where young readers felt less welcome.
Ripon may be small but it has a city-sized sense of community To the outsider, Ripon may appear something of a contradiction – a community the size of a small town but with ‘city’ status.
Ripon then and now Ripon may be small, but it is traditionally formed with attributes that create a timeless appearance.
Ripon Walled Garden Cafe Ripon Walled Garden Cafe is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Ritz volunteers help residents see the big picture Like many small towns, Thirsk lost its cinema in the early 1990s as an age of changing tastes, along with video and DVD, hit profits.
River House Bed and Breakfast This B&B in Malham is part of the Healthier Choices scheme and offer healthier options in its breakfast menu.
River Mills Ballroom River Mills Ballroom is a wedding venue in Selby, North Yorkshire.
Road adoption Road adoption is when we take responsibility for a road which was previously private.
Road cameras and weather conditions View pictures of road conditions across North Yorkshire from our weather station cameras.
Road drains and gully cleaning We keep road drains and gullies clean and maintained to prevent flooding. Find out here how to report different types of road flooding.
Road gritting See when roads are gritted in North Yorkshire and view our gritting routes.
Road maintenance Find out how we assess road condition, plan and prioritise road maintenance, and the pros and cons of different types of road treatments.
Road obstructions and spillages We try to keep our roads clear of dangerous obstructions and spillages whenever they occur or are reported.
Road records and searches We keep an up-to-date list of the county’s streets that are maintained at public expense, as well as records of roads, paths and verges we maintain.
Road safety See what we are doing to improve safety on our roads and access advice about winter driving.
Road signs, markings and bollards Information about how to report a problem with a road sign, marking or bollard and details about how they are maintained.
Road traffic collision information and statistics View free traffic collision statistics, and find out how to request more detailed road collision reports.
Roads and pavements Find out about potholes, road maintenance, gritting, street lighting, roadworks, road closures and report a problem online.
Roads, pavements and buildings Information about licences and permits for roads, pavements and buildings.
Roadworks map Find roadworks in North Yorkshire and sign up to roadwork alerts
Roadworks, road closures and diversions View our interactive map of roadworks, scheduled road closures and diversions.
Romanby Golf & Country Club Romanby Golf & Country Club is a wedding venue in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
Roots Farm Shop Roots Farm Shop are offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Rotters volunteering A community volunteering role promoting home composting, recycling, ‘love food, hate waste’, and the three Rs, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.
Roundabout and verge sponsorship Roundabout and verge sponsorship allows businesses to advertise locally at sites across North Yorkshire.
Royal tributes will benefit community causes Recycle Week normally falls at the end of September but this year was understandably postponed until later in October following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Rubbish Rubbish can be taken to all our household waste recycling centres.
Rudby Hall Rudby Hall is a wedding venue in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire.
Rudding Park Rudding Park is a wedding venue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Rural wedding venues View wedding venues in a rural setting.
Ryedale Folk Museum Ryedale Folk Museum is a wedding venue in North Yorkshire