Redress scheme for letting agents and property management in the Craven area

Find out about recognised redress schemes that all letting agents and property managers in England must join.

The introduction of the redress scheme means that tenants, prospective tenants, landlords dealing with lettings agents in the private rented sector, as well as leaseholders and freeholders dealing with property managers in the residential sector, can complain to an independent person about the service received.  

The aim is to make it easier for tenants and landlords to complain about bad service and prevent disputes escalating.

There are currently three schemes approved and designated by the Secretary of State. You can find out more about them by visiting: 

We have a duty to enforce the order within Craven.

Letting agents and property managers who fail to comply with the requirement to belong to a redress scheme may be required to pay the authority a penalty up to £5,000.