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Title Introduction
Dairymans Cottage, Bed, Breakfast & Tearoom Dairymans Cottage offer Healthier Choices in their breakfast menus, giving you a choice for the start of the day.
Dalby Forest Visitor Centre View information about Dalby Forest Visitor Centre.
Danby Castle View information about Danby Castle.
Dangerous substances Information about licenses and permits relating to dangerous substances.
Data protection and subject access requests How to access personal data, information or records we hold about you or someone you are responsible for.
Day services Day services provide support, care and activities for adults with high or complex needs, including autism and learning disabilities.
Day services We run day services that provide daytime support and activities for adults with high or complex support needs, including autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities.
Dealing with asbestos How to safely remove and dispose of asbestos and who to contact if you have concerns.
Deansfield Court extra care housing scheme, Norton Deansfield Court near Norton provides 50 self-contained apartments for rent.
Death Find out about registering a death, funerals and the advice and support available.
Death abroad Information about bringing a body back to England or Wales.
Definitive map of public rights of way The legal record of public rights of way in North Yorkshire. Apply for diversions, temporary closures and other changes to rights of way.
Deli Bar The Deli Bar is offering Healthier Choices in its menu. It gives you options when eating out.
Demand responsive transport Information about the demand responsive transport services that are available to areas not served by regular buses.
Denton Hall View information about Denton Hall.
Deprivation of liberty Safeguards to protect vulnerable people lacking capacity to make decisions about where they live and their care, who are in a hospital or care home.
Derelict properties and public safety Information about long-term empty properties that should be secure and pose no risk to the public.
Derwent Valley BRIDGE community library Information about Derwent Valley BRIDGE community library including contact details and services offered.
Describing and understanding our landscape A planning and land management tool that details the sustainable management of the countryside, coast and settlements.
Development control Find out how we manage planning applications related to minerals, waste and county council developments.
Devonshire Arms View information about Devonshire Arms.
Devonshire Fell View information about Devonshire Fell.
Diabetes Diabetes is characterised by high blood glucose levels, caused by a defect in insulin secretion or insulin action, or both.
Digital library Access e-books, e-graphics, e-comics, digital audiobooks and online reference sources 24/7 for free with no late fees.
Dignity in care The Dignity in Care campaign aims to stimulate debate around the need for people receiving care services to be treated with dignity and respect.
Direct payments Direct payments are made to allow people to organise and buy their own social care services.
Disabilities Find out about the support available to disabled people, including blue badge parking permits, ways to help you retain your independence and mental health services.
Disabled children and young people Information about the referral and assessment process for children who have substantial and permanent disabilities.
Disabled people - independence at home We can help disabled people regain confidence and independence following an illness, injury or stay in hospital, and support relatives and carers.
Disabled people - specialist equipment, home adaptations and aids We can provide access to equipment to help people overcome everyday difficulties caused by their disability or illness.
Disabled person's bus pass Disabled people are entitled to a bus pass giving free off-peak travel on local bus services anywhere in England.
Dishwasher You can recycle dishwashers, free of charge, at all our household waste recycling centres.
Disposal of fallen stock Farm animal carcasses cannot be buried or burnt in the open due to the risk of disease spreading by birds, other scavengers, or groundwater or air pollution.
Disposal of fallen stock Farm animal carcases cannot be buried or burnt in the open due to the risk of disease being spread by birds and other scavengers or through groundwater or air pollution.
Disputes - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on dispute-related topics, including gathering evidence, insolvency, misleading practices, writing an effective letter of complaint and more.
DIY products DIY products cannot be accepted at any of our household waste recycling centres.
Do it online Apply, book and pay for services online and report problems to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do you need help now? Help available for people at risk of suicide or if you are worried about someone else.
Dogs and pest control Find out who to contact about issues with dogs and pest control.
Domestic abuse Domestic abuse can have a devastating impact, often taking place behind closed doors. It is a lot more common than many people realise.
Domiciliary care services Care in a person's own home is known as domiciliary care. We run a domiciliary care service from several of our offices across North Yorkshire.
Domiciliary care services Some of our offices and care homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide care and support in people's own homes.
Dower House Hotel View information about Dower House Hotel.
Downcliffe House Hotel View information about Downcliffe House Hotel.
Download e-books, e-magazines, e-comics and digital audiobooks To download titles from the digital library, all you need is your library card number and PIN.
Drink less Drinking a bit too much can sneak up on you. The free drinks tracker app makes it easy to keep an eye on the booze and take control with daily tips and feedback.
Drugs If you are experiencing difficulties with drugs, or anyone you know is, you can access support from a range of services in North Yorkshire.
Drugs, alcohol and smoking Find advice and support about stopping smoking, drug and alcohol misuse and hepatitis C.
Duke of Edinburgh's Award We are a Duke of Edinburgh's award licensed organisation overseeing the award, available to young people in the county.
Duke Street, Settle Duke Street is a North Yorkshire County Council office which is registered with the Care Quality Commission. The office is the registered base for our local care team to provide care in people's homes (known as domiciliary care).
Duncombe Park View information about Duncombe Park.