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Title Introduction
Oast Guest House Oast Guest House is offering Healthier Choices in its breakfast menu. It gives you options when staying out.
Occupational therapy We offer two kinds of occupational therapy service - social and health.
Old Swan Hotel View information about Old Swan Hotel.
Older people Find out about winter health, fuel poverty, falls prevention and healthcare for older people.
On-street disabled parking bay Information about on-street disabled parking bays for disabled drivers who don't have access to off street parking.
One You Making small changes to your lifestyle now can improve your health right away and double your chances of staying healthy as you get older.
Open access land Information about land you can access without having to use paths and details of restrictions that apply.
Opening times View opening times for the North Yorkshire County Council customer service centre and our headquarters at County Hall, Northallerton.
Opportunities in Health and Adult Services We have a variety of roles available within our Health and Adult Service team
Oral health Taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums with good oral and dental hygiene can help to prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.
Orchid House extra care housing scheme, Sowerby Orchid House provides 53 two-bedroom apartments, 26 two-bedroom bungalows and 11 one-bedroom apartments.
Other health professional resources The North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board supports the integration of health and social care commissioning and service provision.
Other problems - advice and guidance Advice and guidance on miscellaneous problem topics, including cons, rail travel, responsible pet ownership, timeshares and holiday clubs and more.
Our care and support where I live strategy The strategy will underpin our plans to 2020 and beyond for the provision of care and support where people live.
Our care home fees View our rates for care home placements, including nursing.
Our equality and diversity policy We aim to provide services fairly to all sections of our community, and that all our existing and future employees have equal opportunities.
Our key strategies, plans and policies Find out about our key strategies, plans and policies.
Our role, structure and objectives Information about what we do, the constitution, our objectives and the history of North Yorkshire.
Outdoor learning centres We provide outdoor learning and training courses at East Barnby and Bewerley Park for children and young people, adults and youth leaders.
Overnight short breaks for families with disabled children and young people A consultation on changes to the provision of overnight short breaks for families with disabled children and young people.
Owl Hotel View information about Owl Hotel.
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel View information about Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.