Order new or replacement waste and recycling bins

Order a new or replacement bin, box or bag for your household waste, garden waste and recycling.

Types of bins

Depending on where you live in North Yorkshire, your waste and recycling collection might be taken in:

  • a black bin
  • a green bin
  • a blue bin
  • a brown bin
  • a grey bin
  • a recycling box
  • a recycling bag
  • garden waste sacks or liners
  • grey/black liners

When you need to order a bin or recycling container

You may need to order a new waste or recycling container if:

  • you have just moved in
  • you have a new build property that does not have a bin yet
  • your bin is missing
  • your bin is damaged

Broken bin repairs

We may be able to repair your bin if it has a broken wheel or the lid, axle or hinge is broken.

Report a damaged bin or request a new bin, box or bag

Where you live affects how you report damaged bins or request new ones. You can use our town and village lookup tool to find the right page for your area. 

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