Reporting food safety problems

Tell us about food safety issues in your local area.

We only investigate food safety matters that we consider present a significant public health risk. Food service requests cover both premises and food safety.

Premises includes hygiene of both the premises and staff and pest infestation

Food safety includes food poisoning and foreign bodies in food

Before reporting a food safety problem you should discuss the problem with the shop or premises owner.

We won’t investigate a complaint where:

  • there is no public health risk
  • you have already asked the business to investigate a complaint about food that has something wrong with it
  • you have already received a replacement, refund or compensation
  • you no longer have the food item
  • there is a long delay between you discovering the fault and telling us - deterioration of the food over time may make it impossible for us to investigate
  • continuity of evidence is broken
  • the complaint is anonymous
  • you are not sure where you bought the product
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