Environment and neighbourhoods

Find out about environment and neighbourhoods.

Services List


Information about the control of light pollution, noise complaints and air quality.

Private water supplies

A private water supply is any supply which is not provided by a water undertaker. Find out more about how we monitor private water supplies.

Food safety and hygiene

Report a food safety issue, find out about food hygiene ratings, register a food business and get food business advice in your area.


Learn information on the animals in North Yorkshire, how to report any issues and report a dead animal.


See what conservation activities we are involved in to help maintain our natural environment.

Land and waterways

Find out about common land, village greens and making changes to waterways.

Pest control

Find out which areas we offer a pest control service in for residents and businesses, along with our treatment fees.


Information and advice on how to tackle flooding and how to best protect your property.

Water, drains and sewers

Information about water quality, private water supplies, drains and septic tanks in North Yorkshire.

Fly tipping

Find out information on fly tipping and how to report it.

Climate change

Learn about our carbon emissions and what we are doing to reduce them in our climate change strategy.