Fly tipping

Find out information on fly tipping and how to report it.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. 

Common fly tipped items include: 

  • white goods 
  • mattresses 
  • construction waste 
  • household waste 
  • garden waste 

Fly tipping is a criminal offence. If you see waste fly tipped report it to us and we will investigate. Provide us with as much detail as possible including: 

  • when you saw the waste fly tipped 
  • where you saw it, using What3Words, landmarks and road numbers 
  • what has been tipped, how much, what it looks like a photo if possible 
  • car registration, if known, or vehicle details which tipped it 
  • details of any persons present 
  • is there any evidence within the waste

Please do not tamper with or remove any evidence or waste from the site. 

We investigate every case and if we recover evidence, we may prosecute those responsible.  

We have the power to seize vehicles, issue a fixed penalty notice of £400 or to prosecute. This could result in an unlimited fine and or up to five years in prison. Offenders will also have to pay any costs of the investigation, clean up, vehicle recovery costs and legal fees. 

We clean up fly-tipping on land we own and on public highways or roads. If the land is privately owned the landowner is responsible for clearing the fly-tipping.

Don't become an accidental criminal

If you use someone else (like a 'man with a van') to remove your rubbish, always check they have a waste carriers licence. Staff at our household waste recycling centres will check documentation.

If your rubbish is fly-tipped, you can be fined.

Check if your waste carrier is licensed

It is your duty of care to dispose of your waste correctly. You could be fined an unlimited amount if your waste ends up fly-tipped, and you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it.

You must use a licensed waste carrier, or take your waste to a registered site.

How to check if your waste carrier is licensed:

  1. Check their waste carrier licence number on the Environment Agency register of waste carriers.
  2. Ask to see their waste carrier licence - it will look like this
  3. Ask what will happen to your waste - a licensed waste carrier should not object to reasonable questions.
  4. Make sure you get a waste transfer note and receipt for your waste and keep it as proof.

Report fly-tipping online

You can report fly-tipping to us online. Where you live affects how you report fly-tipping. Use our lookup tool to find the right page for your area. 

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