Residents' parking scratchcards in the Scarborough area

Find out about scratchcard parking permits in the Scarborough area.

Residents' parking scratchcards allow you to park all day with a correctly validated scratchcard on display in your vehicle. 


  • 25p per scratchcard 
    (a maximum of 50 can be issued per household per calendar year)

Who is eligible

Any household in the Scarborough controlled parking zone is eligible.

If you live in a shared house or flat that is registered as a house of multiple occupancy you can apply for scratchcards. You should nominate one person as "head of the household" who can apply for the maximum number of permits allowed (50) on behalf of everyone who lives there. 

How to apply


You can buy scratchcards online when you renew or apply for a residents' parking permit.

Over the phone

Contact us to purchase scratchcards over the phone. You will need your 9 digit council tax reference number to hand.