Replace a school bus pass

Request a replacement bus pass online if your school or college bus pass has been damaged, lost or stolen.

If your child travels on school transport and their bus pass has been lost or stolen, or is in poor condition, you will need to request a replacement pass. 

Request a replacement bus pass online

Use our online form to request a replacement bus pass. You'll need to provide your contact details, the name of your school or college and state why you require a replacement.

Please note, you can only request a replacement pass online if your details remain the same as on your original pass.

Request a replacement bus pass

Change of details

If your personal details have changed or if you have moved house, you will need to contact us so we can reassess your eligibility for free transport.

When will I receive the replacement pass?

You will normally receive your replacement bus pass by post within five to ten days. We do not provide temporary passes but we can make the bus driver aware that a replacement pass has been ordered.