Rights of way map

View the public rights of way in North Yorkshire on our online maps.

Respect and protect the public right of way network

If you're using the public rights of way network please be mindful of others, particularly on paths that run through people's farms or gardens.

The data on this map is for information only, it is not an extract of the Definitive Map and should not be relied on for determining the position or alignment of any public right of way.

Please also note that just because a path is not shown on this map does not mean that a right of way does not exist, as there may be paths that have been used by the public for many years and so have acquired public rights, but that are not recorded on the Definitive Map. If you would like to find out more about the alignment of a particular right of way please contact the Definitive Map team.

To check whether any public rights of way have current restrictions, temporary closures or Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) use the following buttons:

View public rights of way

TROs / temporary closures in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

TROs / temporary closures in the North York Moors National Park

Temporary closures outside the national parks

Traffic regulation orders on unsurfaced roads

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