Report a street light problem

Information about how to report a problem with a street light and details about how street lights are maintained.

Do it online

If you prefer, you can tell us about a street light issue anonymously, but you will miss out on the benefits of having an account such as getting progress updates.

Report a problem with a street light

Not all roads are our responsibility

Motorways and trunk roads such as the A1, A1(M), M62, A66, A66(M), A64, A168 (Dishforth to Thirsk) and A19 (north of Thirsk) must be reported to National Highways.

In an emergency

If it's an emergency and poses a safety risk, contact us. Out of office hours, call North Yorkshire Police on 101. If there is danger to life, call 999.

We are responsible for maintaining the majority of street and footway lights in North Yorkshire. These usually have a number painted in black on a yellow background on the lamp post. Since April 1 2023, we are also responsible for maintaining street and footway lights belonging to the former borough and district councils of North Yorkshire. Some street and footway lights belong to parish councils and are not maintained by us.

Timescale for repairing street light problems

  1. We aim to repair standard problems within seven days.
  2. A structural or electrically unsafe street light will be made safe within three hours of notification.
  3. If the problem is with the electrical supply to the street light, the electricity supplier (usually Northern Powergrid or Electricity North West) is responsible. In the home or office, the electricity company is bound by a charter to ensure continuity of supply, however, they are under no such obligation to local authorities for street lighting. In general they will aim to resolve the problem within 50 days.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance of the street lights is undertaken every two or four years, depending on condition. Maintenance includes structural inspections, electrical testing and checking, cleaning and changing lamps.

Recycling used street lights and lamp posts

When a lamp post is due to be replaced (whether it is damaged or has come to the end of its natural life), it will be removed once the electricity supply has been disconnected by the energy supplier. All used lanterns and steel or cast iron lamp posts are recycled. Concrete lamp posts are crushed and re-used as sub-base materials for highways. Lamps and other electronic equipment are disposed of in line with waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations. We do not sell or give away lamp posts as there are health and safety implications. 

Requesting new street lighting

You can find out how to request highway improvements from us including new street lighting.