Reading groups at your local library

Find out how our libraries can support your reading group.

North Yorkshire has more than 200 reading groups, with members often meeting monthly to discuss a chosen book.

Ask at your local library for details.

Setting up and running a reading group

There are no rules for setting up and running a reading group. The average group has six to ten members, who meet in a variety of places, including members' homes, cafés, pubs, rooms in libraries or village and church halls. Many North Yorkshire libraries have meeting rooms for hire

Books can be chosen using information from sources including reviews, book awards and prizes and TV and radio shows. Read more information about the services we offer to reading groups.

Support from your local library

Using your local library can help you access the titles you want to read as a group. An annual reading group subscription - see the library charges page - entitles groups to request up to ten copies of a title, which should be requested at least two months in advance of the meeting.

The online resource Who Else Writes Like...? helps to expand your reading by suggesting new authors who write in similar styles and by listing authors by genre. You can log in using your library card number.

Books are also available in alternative formats. To discuss borrowing books in large print or Braille, on CD or audio tape, contact your local library. Books can be requested by individuals or for whole groups.

Reading groups for children

Libraries around the county run reading clubs for children between eight and 12. Check with your local library.