Outline of services we offer to reading groups

How can we help

Your local library can help you access the titles your group wants and provide advice to help you choose.

Reading group membership at your local library

We offer a special membership category for reading groups which offers:

  • free requests for the books your group is reading - up to 12 sets a year, subject to availability as there currently over 200 groups supported through North Yorkshire Libraries so we cannot guarantee that your first choice of title will be immediately available. There may be a delay in providing the newly published titles.
  • extended loans for the books your group borrows, with no overdue charges
  • a quarterly list of books available in multiple copies, to help you choose suitable titles
  • news about forthcoming reading group and author events

There is a small annual subscription for this service.

Each reading group needs a contact person responsible for registering the group with the library. The contact person needs to keep the library card and request, borrow and return the books. There may be a charge for any books not returned.

Finding books to read

Reading groups are now able to request their own titles online using the library catalogue and your Reading Group library card.

Requesting your own books will allow you to be more responsive to recommendations from your group.

Login to your library account to see more.

Alternative formats

Titles may be available in large print or on audio CD for people who find conventional books difficult to read. E-books and digital audiobooks are also free to borrow from our libraries. These can be requested in the normal way the library catalogue shows the format of each title.

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