Independent travel training for SEND - a parents guide

Information about travel training for children and young people with SEND.

What is independent travel training?

Travel training is a step-by-step process by which a person learns to travel a specific route, between two given places, on their own and in a safe and responsible way.

Travel training is about gaining the confidence to use public transport, demonstrating road safety awareness and ensuring people are able to travel by themselves without confusion or anxiety.

The journey can be as simple as going to the local shops or as rewarding as making your own way to school or college. During a travel training programme each trainee is assessed to highlight their particular needs and a bespoke support package is created. This may take the form of some theory-based training (such as telling the time, reading bus or train timetables, counting money, stranger awareness or hazards and dangers) as well as the practical element of travel.

The aim is to prepare individuals for safer and more confident engagement with the community by encouraging independent yet considerate interaction with others. Safety is a key issue, but also tolerance and enjoyment of the journey and what the community might offer.

Independent travel training is a positive lifestyle choice. The training will allow you to develop the confidence and skills needed to travel alone, making it easier for you to meet up with friends, go to college, work experience or gain employment and become more independent.

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