Information and advice on cold weather and snow

Cold weather and snow can have a big impact on day-to-day life, particularly on our transport networks.

What could happen:

  • disruption to travel
  • damage to properties
  • power cuts, phone lines down and water shortages
  • school closures causing childcare issues
  • increased number of admissions to hospitals due to trips and falls 

What the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum is doing:

  • providing additional support via health and social services for elderly and vulnerable people
  • creating plans to manage the effects of severe weather and how this could impact our infrastructure
  • working with the Met Office which provides advice and severe weather warnings 
  • preparing business continuity plans so that emergency service organisations are still able to function
  • preparing for winter weather by gritting roads
  • working with the NHS as it prepares for additional pressure on their resources over winter and working with other emergency services on business continuity plans to enable them to still function

What to do if there is cold weather and snow

A misty road in North Yorkshire

Before the cold weather and snow, you should

During the cold weather and snow, you should

  • check on vulnerable neighbours and relatives 
  • dress appropriately with warm clothing and take care when walking or driving on compacted snow or ice
  • avoid travel if possible, but if necessary take extra time for your journey
  • accelerate gently and maintain a safe distance between other cars when driving
  • close your curtains to keep the heat in your house
A snow covered road sign in North Yorkshire
A gritter lorry driving through a snowy landscape

After the cold weather and snow, you should

  • check your property for damage from the cold temperatures and snow
  • replenish your stocks of de-icer and grit or salt
  • take care when driving or walking on compacted snow