Information and advice on terrorist attacks

The likelihood of a terrorist attack in York or North Yorkshire is low, however it is important to be alert to any individual who might want to put the public in danger.

Be alert

If you come across anything you suspect might be linked to terrorist activity, tell the police.

To report suspicious activity in an emergency dial 999.

For non-emergencies, use the online tool on the North Yorkshire Police website or call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321.

Threat levels

There are five levels of threat:

  1. Low - an attack is highly unlikely.
  2. Moderate - an attack is possible but not likely.
  3. Substantial - an attack is likely.
  4. Severe - an attack is highly likely.
  5. Critical - an attack is highly likely in the near future.

The level is set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and the Security Service, MI5.

Threat levels do not have an expiry date. They can change at any time as different information becomes available.

What to do during a terrorist attack

Follow the Government's Run, Hide, Tell advice. Find out more on the Protect UK website.


Consider the safest options and escape if you can. If there is not a safe route, you need to hide.


If you cannot run, hide. Find cover from gunfire. If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you. Cover from view does not mean you are safe. Bullets go through glass, brick, wood, and metal. You must still hide, even if you are behind a locked door. Be aware of your exits and try not to get trapped. Make sure you stay quiet and silence your phone.


Call 999. What do the police need to know? If you cannot speak or make a noise, listen to the instructions given to you by the call taker.

Find out more on the North Yorkshire Police website.

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