Information and advice on land movement

Land movement is a natural event which may lead to land slippage resulting in building collapse and significant disruption to the local infrastructure. 

The likelihood of land slippage or an earthquake in the North Yorkshire area is relatively low. 

When land is not stable, due to natural or human causes, it can sink several metres into the ground, taking everything on its surface with it. Sinkholes can be triggered by a variety of things, such as heavy rain, surface flooding or a burst watermains. Man-made sinkholes are created when developments compromise the structural integrity of underlying rock.

What could happen:

  • the possibility of an event could include anything from sinkholes, landslides, and rock falls to subsidence and abandoned mineshafts
  • building collapses may result in fatalities
  • social disruption due to extended travel time and costs
  • local business impact due to road closures, restrictions, or diversions

What is being done in North Yorkshire:

  • although the risk is low, we will receive guidance from the Met Office in the event of a severe weather warning of saturated ground
  • in an event we will provide guidance to the public

What you can do:

If you live in an area susceptible to land movement, consider a home emergency plan and report any concerns you may have to the local authority or emergency services.