Information and advice on animal diseases

Animal diseases are a serious threat to our health, as some diseases can spread from animals to humans. 

Outbreaks of avian influenza, foot and mouth, bluetongue and rabies also have a huge impact on our farming industry and food chain.

Plans are being created to reduce the spread of disease and work is being undertaken with farmers and livestock keepers to raise awareness of animal disease and promote good hygiene.

If you keep livestock you must:

  • register your land details with the Rural Payments Agency
  • register livestock with the Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • register with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if you have more than 50 birds
  • keep farm records up to date

More information

For information on animal disease prevention, visit the Government website.

For the latest animal disease news updates, you can sign up to the Animal and Plant Health Agency animal disease alert subscription service on the Government website.