Affordable housing in the Richmondshire area

Find out about affordable homes, who is eligible and how to rent or buy a home.

Affordable housing can be provided at below market value to eligible people in the Richmondshire area whose needs are not met by the private sector. 

Affordable homes are being provided across Richmondshire in both towns and villages.

Affordable housing in rural areas

In rural areas, our rural housing enabler can negotiate to get some affordable housing included in open-market sites. They can also help parish councils and communities get affordable housing schemes off the ground.

To get started, contact our rural housing enabler, who will:

  • talk to parish and ward councillors to explain the process and gain public support
  • assess the local need, including distributing a housing needs survey
  • identify suitable land options and work with housing associations to buy site options
  • hold consultation events locally for people to comment on the choice of sites, draft designs and to register their housing need
  • select the most appropriate scheme
  • agree who would be eligible for the properties
  • submit a planning application and support the scheme through the process
  • help during construction
  • identify residents who meet the local connection criteria and allocate to those most in need

These are homes for rent and sale below market rates for people who want to live in their local village but cannot afford to rent or buy on the open market. They can be provided at an affordable rent or for low-cost home ownership.

How we make sure homes remain affordable

The restrictions put on these homes are controlled through planning permission. A legal agreement, called a section 106 agreement, is signed to make sure the homes remain affordable and for local people in the future.

These homes are mainly two or three bedroom, and can be flats, houses or bungalows.

They are either for:

  1. Affordable rent - these tend to be owned by a housing association and normally offer a tenancy giving long-term security, although some may offer fixed-term tenancies with a minimum of five years. Rents are up to 80 per cent of the market rent for the area.
  2. Intermediate tenure - homes for sub-market rent. The properties are usually owned by a housing association, again offering a tenancy that gives long-term security, with rents slightly less than market rents, such as 90 per cent.

Homes for affordable sale

There are two main ways to buy homes for affordable sale:

  1. Shared ownership - buyers initially purchase between 25 per cent and 80 per cent of their home from a housing association and pay rent on the rest. They can buy further shares up to a maximum of 80 per cent, ensuring the housing association keeps an interest in the property.
  2. Discounted price - buyers purchase a property at a reduced price and pay no rent. If the home is resold, it has to be sold on at the same discount and marketed to people with a local connection.

How the homes are allocated

Homes are allocated through the North Yorkshire Home Choice system, the county's choice-based lettings system.

For more information, contact us.