Affordable homes in the Craven area

Affordable housing is for households who need their own home but cannot afford to rent or buy a suitable one locally.

Affordable housing covers everything from social rented housing, such as council housing, to shared ownership housing for first-time buyers.

It can be provided to households who are eligible because their needs are not met by the open market. There are a number of different types of affordable housing available in our area.

Social rented housing

Social rented housing is owned and let by registered providers. These homes are offered at the lowest rents which are set by the national rent regime.

Affordable rented housing

Affordable rented housing is also owned and let by registered providers. The homes are managed and maintained in the same way as social rented homes, but higher rents can be charged - up to 80 per cent of open market rent.

Applying for a home to rent

Most social and affordable rented housing is allocated through North Yorkshire Home Choice. To be considered for both social and rented housing, you will need to register and be accepted as being in housing need. For more information and to apply, visit the North Yorkshire Home Choice website.

Intermediate housing - including shared ownership

Intermediate housing includes homes to rent and buy. This form of housing is aimed at those households who cannot afford open-market properties but can afford more than social rents. These can include shared equity - shared ownership and equity loans - other low-cost homes for sale and intermediate rent, but not affordable rented housing.

Affordable homes coming soon

  • Spencer Grange, Skipton 
  • Kendal Road, Hellifield 
  • Shires Line, Embasy
  • Aldersley Avenue, Skipton
  • Carleton Road, Skipton 
  • North Parade, Skipton