Assisted purchase scheme for musical instruments

The scheme lets you buy new musical instruments VAT free if your child receives music tuition from the music service in a North Yorkshire local authority or Academy school.

Although it may be possible to arrange the loan of a musical instrument, it will usually be necessary to buy or hire one.

If your child is having lessons from a North Yorkshire music service in a North Yorkshire local authority or academy school, you can buy an instrument without paying VAT, thanks to the assisted purchase scheme.

Under the scheme, instruments can be bought new from many local shops. Alternatively, you can buy through us from any local or national instrument supplier of your choice. It is for you to decide whether or not taking advantage of a national supplier purchase outweighs the benefits of local after-sales service. You should take advice from music service business support at the council and the music service teachers before making a purchase. 

New students should not commit to buying before availability of lessons has been confirmed. Existing students can obtain an assisted purchase scheme form from their tutor or the music service business support at the council. 

To make use of our online payment facility below, you must have completed an assisted purchase scheme application and had this accepted by the county music service.

Find out more about the assisted purchase scheme for musical instruments.

Pay for your musical instrument or instrumental lessons

You can pay for a musical instrument VAT-free as part of the assisted purchase scheme online. Please ensure you have completed the form and checked your eligibility with the music service team before making payment.

If you have already ordered an instrument, you can make payment of £15 using the button below. You should disregard the delivery address option as delivery will be to your child's school.

Pay for an assisted purchase scheme musical instrument

If you want to pay for music lessons, instrument hire, or music service please use the payment link on the music lessons and instrument hire page.

Contacting the North Yorkshire music service

Contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Does it make any difference where I purchase my instrument from?

We are happy to operate the scheme for purchases from all shops - it is for the purchaser to decide where the order will be placed bearing in mind such things as after-sales service, price and repairs.

Are there any costs involved in the local education authority organising the purchase for me?

A standard charge of £15 is made for each purchase. This needs to be paid to the music service as well as the cost of the instrument before any order can be placed. 

Further Information

Further information is available from the music service business support team. Contact us.