Fishing at Whitby Harbour

View our fishing facilities, prices and information for visiting vessels at Whitby Harbour. 


See the Whitby Harbour fees and charges.


  • fresh water: Available on the fish quay. Also available on Endeavour Wharf by arrangement
  • ice: Whitby Fish Sales (01947 606299)
  • agent: Whitby Fish Sales (01947 606299)
  • diesel: W. Eves & Co. (01947 602255)
  • dry-docking and ship building: Parkol Marine (01947 605669)
  • supermarket
  • fishing school: Whitby and District Fishing Industry Training School (01947 825871)


Whitby Fish Quay

  • this is on the west side of the outer harbour
  • it is reserved for the use of vessels landing fish products
  • other craft may use the quay while waiting for a berth in the upper harbour
  • do not impede fishing craft
  • do not leave your vessel unattended
  • approximate depth 2m*

New Quay Road / Dock End Basin

  • On the west side of the upper harbour adjacent to the north end of Endeavour Wharf
  • These areas are reserved for fishing vessels and commercial craft only
  • Privately-owned craft are not allowed to berth in this area
  • New Quay Road is designated as a refuge berth for trawlers from 1 October to 31 March each year
  • Approximate depth 1.5m*

Endeavour Wharf

  • on the west side of the upper harbour
  • for use by cargo-carrying vessels and as refuge berths for large fishing craft only
  • visiting craft may be berthed on the cargo wharves by prior arrangement with Whitby Harbour Office only
  • approximate depth 2m*

Eskside Wharf

  • east side of the upper harbour
  • used as refuge berths for large fishing craft
  • the dry-dock is located on this wharf
  • approximate depth 1.5m

Church Street Jetty

  • on the east side of the upper harbour
  • reserved for smaller fishing and commercial vessels only
  • berths are allocated by the harbour office
  • approximate depth 1.5m*

Shellfish facility

The shellfish is at the north end of the fish quay car park, adjacent to the ice house. It is managed by the Lively Lobster Complany and is available to anyone landing shellfish products within the port.

Visiting vessels

Visiting fishing vessels are very welcome. 

The landing berths are immediately adjacent to the fish quay in the lower harbour and are accessible at most times (check navigation).

The fish quay is 214m long.

Fish market auctions take place on the modern refrigerated Whitby Fish Market. Agents are available to conduct selling and buying operations. 

Certain mooring areas of the harbour are reserved for commercial craft.

Charges are applicable on vessels moored in the harbour and on all fishery products landed.