Fostering support and payments

£500 for newly approved foster carers

Good news! Fostering North Yorkshire is giving £500 to every newly approved foster carer from now until 31 December 2024.

The benefits of fostering

We know that our foster carers sign up to Fostering North Yorkshire to change the life of a young person in need in the region.
The emotional benefits of fostering are limitless and it is one of the most fulfilling roles you can take on.

Our foster carers have told us that although it is a challenging job and one huge emotional rollercoaster, it is the difference you are making to a child that counts.
We understand the need to support you emotionally through your journey and financially.

First of all, as a foster carer, you will be classed as self-employed. 

You will not be able to claim benefits for the foster children in your care because you will receive a fostering allowance for them. However, this fostering allowance is not classed as an income, so you are still entitled to claim most state means tested benefits if you are eligible for them.

We have quite a pick n mix of allowances that could be available to you which will be unique to the foster care you provide. These are explained here, but your social worker will confirm exactly how much you will receive.

All of our foster carers can access the North Yorkshire Council employee benefits scheme which provides a range of discounts including high street stores, days out and supermarkets.

What is more, our foster carers receive a payment whenever they recommend a friend too. 

Fees and allowances

There is no set foster fee because the money you receive depends on a range of factors. This can include how many children you foster, their needs and requirements and your unique skill set.

We divide our payments to foster carers into three categories:

  • Fostering Allowance (this is based on the Fostering Network’s recommended annual increase) or Intensity of Care Allowance (for short breaks)
  • Accredited Premium
  • FEES - Advanced, Specialist, Specialist Short Break and “No Wrong Door”

Fostering Allowance

As a foster carer you will get paid a weekly allowance to one main bank account. This will cover the daily living cost of your foster child, plus a professional fee for you.

Your social worker is responsible for ensuring that you receive the correct payment.

All payments will be made through a BACS transfer to one main bank account.  You will receive payment from the day a child is placed with you until the day the child leaves your care.

The fostering allowance depends on the age of the child in your care, the type of care they need and how complex the placement is.

We work out the basic weekly allowance in line with the Fostering Network’s recommended methodology, shown in the table below.

Age Weekly fostering allowance standard
0-4 £182.10
5-10 £207.47
11-15 £258.12
16+ £314.02

Accredited premium

In recognition of professional development, if you become an accredited foster carer, you will receive an additional payment to the weekly fostering allowance. This will be per child and age related.  

FEES - Advanced, Specialist, Specialist Short Break and "No Wrong Door"

These payments reflect the specialist work that foster carers carry out, working with children who have complex needs. 

Additional allowances

You will receive allowances for the children in your care to cover birthdays, holidays and festivals. Again, how much you receive is dependent on the child’s age.

Plus, you will receive financial support towards the cost of clothing, school uniforms, travel and mileage, organised school holidays and trips, religious and cultural needs, spectacles, a child’s passport and pocket money.

Ready to take your first steps into fostering?

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