Fraud investigation and whistleblowing

We consider any allegations of fraud, loss or corruption to be very serious and will investigate them as a matter of urgency.

Fraud costs councils across the country an estimated £2 billion every year. We employ a corporate anti-fraud team through Veritau, who investigate any fraud committed against us.

View our  anti money laundering policy (pdf / 482 KB) and our  counter fraud and corruption policy (pdf / 365 KB).

Reporting fraud and making a whistleblowing complaint

If you're aware of, or suspect, fraud is being committed against the council then please report it. We are reliant on members of the public reporting suspected fraud to us, and we look into all reports that we receive. Any information you have can be provided anonymously if you wish.

You can also make a whistleblowing complaint under our whistleblowing policy.

You can call us on 0800 9179 247, email us at, or contact us by post:

West Offices
Station Rise

Proactive fraud and data matching exercises

We carry out regular checks to protect the council against fraud. This includes matching our data to the information held by other organisations. We also carry out reviews of claims and applications in order to check whether people’s circumstances may have changed.

Data matching exercises that we carry out include the National Fraud Initiative, Housing Benefit Matching Service and local initiatives involving other organisations we work with closely in this area.

Where appropriate, we'll share information with the Department for Work and Pensions, other councils and relevant organisations.

We've set out how we use the information you provide to us in our fair processing notice.