Full council election results - May 2022

Find out the results for the council elections held on 5 May 2022.

You can find results of by-elections that have taken place since the full council elections on our by-elections page.

Breakdown of seats

Graph showing the break down of parties

Election results

Division Turnout Elected Description Full declaration
Aire Valley 40.68% Andrew Kenneth Brown Green Party Declaration for Aire Valley
Aiskew and Leeming 28.97% John Keith Weighell Conservative Party Declaration for Aiskew and Leeming
Amotherby and Ampleforth 43.8% Steven Paul Mason Liberal Democrat Declaration for Amotherby and Ampleforth
Appleton Roebuck and Church Fenton 37.17% Andrew Lee Conservative Party Declaration for Appleton Roebuck and Church Fenton
Barlby and Riccall 31.68% Stephanie Annette Duckett Labour Party Declaration for Barlby and Riccall
Bedale 33.09% David Anthony Webster Conservative Party Declaration for Bedale
Bentham and Ingleton 37.3% David Lloyd Ireton Conservative Party Declaration for Bentham and Ingleton
Bilton and Nidd Gorge 33.1% Paul Haslam Conservative Party Declaration for Bilton and Nidd Gorge
Bilton Grange and New Park 32.7% Monika Slater Liberal Democrats Declaration for Bilton Grange and New Park
Boroughbridge and Claro 34.92% Robert Windass Conservative Party Declaration for Boroughbridge and Claro
Brayton and Barlow 32.89% Mark John Crane Conservative Party Declaration for Brayton and Barlow
Camblesforth and Carlton 29.81% Mike Jordan Conservative Party Declaration for Camblesforth and Carlton
Castle 23.69% Janet Helen Jefferson Independent Declaration for Castle
Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale 27.26% Carl Les Conservative Party Declaration for Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale
Cawood and Escrick 42.51% John Cattanach Independent Declaration for Cawood and Escrick
Cayton 32.46% Roberta Florence Swiers Conservative Party Declaration for Cayton
Cliffe and North Duffield 30.09% Karl Vincent Arthur Conservative Party Declaration for Cliffe and North Duffield
Coppice Valley and Duchy 36.47% Peter Charles Lacey Liberal Democrats Declaration for Coppice Valley and Duchy
Danby and Mulgrave 34.91% David Arthur Chance Conservative Party Declaration for Danby and Mulgrave
Derwent Valley and Moor 37.37% David Colin Jeffels Conservative Party Declaration for Derwent Valley and Moor
Easingwold 34.54% Nigel Antony Knapton Conservative Party Declaration for Easingwold
Eastfield 20% Anthony Jack Randerson Labour Party Declaration for Eastfield
Esk Valley and Coast 36.81% Clive Graham Pearson Conservative Party Declaration for Esk Valley and Coast
Fairfax and Starbeck 30.04% Philip Anthony Broadbank  Liberal Democrats Declaration for Fairfax and Starbeck
Falsgrave and Stepney 27.64% Mary Elizabeth Colling Labour and Cooperative Party Declaration for Falsgrave and Stepney
Filey 33.43% Samuel Arthur Cross Independent Declaration for Filey
Glusburn, Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven 32.5% Philip Melvin Barrett Independent Declaration for Glusburn, Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven
Great Ayton 36.37% Heather Moorhouse Conservative Party Declaration for Great Ayton
Harlow and St Georges 41.8% Mike Schofield Liberal Democrats Declaration for Harlow and St Georges
Helmsley and Sinnington 47.93% George Jabbour Conservative Party Declaration for Helmsley and Sinnington
High Harrogate and Kingsley 31.66% Chris Aldred Liberal Democrat Declaration for High Harrogate and Kingsley
Hillside and Raskelf 38.94% Alyson Elizabeth Baker Conservative Party Declaration for Hillside and Raskelf
Hipswell and Colburn 23.97% Kevin Foster Green Party Declaration for Hipswell and Colburn
Huby and Tollerton 34.2% Malcolm Geoffrey Taylor Conservative Party Declaration for Huby and Tollerton
Hunmanby and Sherburn 33.37% Michelle Ellen Donohue-Moncrieff Independent Declaration for Hunmanby and Sherburn
Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley 44.66% Bridget Susan Fortune Conservative Party Declaration for Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley
Killinghall, Hampsthwaite and Saltergate 30.46% Michael Harrison Conservative Party Declaration for Killinghall, Hampsthwaite and Saltergate
Kirkbymoorside and Dales 45.02% Gregory Brian White Conservative Party Declaration for Kirkbymoorside and Dales
Knaresborough East 36.2% Hannah Gostlow Liberal Democrats Declaration for Knaresborough East
Knaresborough West 40.57% Matt Walker Liberal Democrats Declaration for Knaresborough West
Leyburn and Middleham 37.59% Karin Sedgwick Conservative Party Declaration for Leyburn and Middleham
Malton 30.85% Lindsay Marie Burr Independent Declaration for Malton
Masham and Fountains 39.66% Margaret Edna Atkinson Conservative Party Declaration for Masham and Fountains
Mid Craven 39.59% Simon Martin Myers Conservative Party Declaration for Mid Craven
Monk Fryston and South Milford 34.61% Tim Grogan Conservative Party Declaration for Monk Fryston and South Milford
Morton-on-Swale and Appleton Wiske 36.7% Annabel Susan Wilkinson Conservative Party Declaration for Morton-on-Swale and Appleton Wiske
Newby 31.81% Subash Chunder Sharma Labour Party Declaration for Newby
North Richmondshire 39.43% Angus Thompson Conservative Party Declaration for North Richmondshire
Northallerton North and Brompton 29.47% Steve Watson Conservative Party Declaration for Northallerton North and Brompton
Northallerton South 26.58% Caroline Anne Dickinson Conservative Party Declaration for Northallerton South
Northstead 28.27% Eric Broadbent Labour Party Declaration for Northstead
Norton 37.48% Keane Duncan Conservative Party Declaration for Norton
Oatlands and Pannal 40.6% John Mann Conservative Party Declaration for Oatlands and Pannal
Osgoldcross 32.74% John McCartney Independent Declaration for Osgoldcross
Ouseburn 42.26% Arnold Francis Warneken Green Party Declaration for Ouseburn
Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale 42.2% Andrew James Murday Liberal Democrats Declaration for Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale
Pickering 34.56% Joy Andrews The Liberal Party Declaration for Pickering
Richmond 38.02% Stuart Parsons Independent Declaration for Richmond
Ripon Minster and Moorside 33.21% Andrew Williams Independent Declaration for Ripon Minster and Moorside
Ripon Ure Bank and Spa 38.47% Barbara Jean Brodigan Liberal Democrats Declaration for Ripon Ure Bank and Spa
Romanby 37.78% Peter Robert Wilkinson Conservative Party Declaration for Romanby
Scalby and the Coast 41.9% Derek James Bastiman Conservative Party Declaration for Scalby and the Coast
Scotton and Lower Wensleydale 31.49% Tom Jones Conservative Party Declaration for Scotton and Lower Wensleydale
Seamer 29.44% Heather Phillips Conservative Party Declaration for Seamer
Selby East 21.28% Jack James Proud Labour Party Declaration for Selby East
Selby West 25.95% Melanie Ann Davis Labour Party Declaration for Selby West (1)
Selby West   Steve Shaw-Wright Labour Party Declaration for Selby West (2)
Settle and Penyghent 41.57% David Michael Staveley Conservative Party Declaration for Settle and Penyghent
Sherburn in Elmet 29.21% Bob Packham Labour Party Declaration for Sherburn in Elmet
Sheriff Huttton and Derwent 37.57% Caroline Grant Goodrick Independent Declaration for Sheriff Huttton and Derwent
Skipton East and South 33.92% Robert Geoffrey Heseltine Independent Declaration for Skipton East and South
Skipton North and Embsay-with-Eastby 45.84% David Christopher Noland Green Party Declaration for Skipton North and Embsay-with-Eastby
Skipton West and West Craven 34.95% Andy Solloway Independent Declaration for Skipton West and West Craven
Sowerby and Topcliffe 35.44% Dave Whitfield Green Party Declaration for Sowerby and Topcliffe
Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale and Tockwith 33.9% Andy Paraskos Conservative Party Declaration for Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale and Tockwith
Stokesley 43.84% Bryn Griffiths Liberal Democrats Declaration for Stokesley
Stray, Woodlands and Hookstone (Harrogate) 42.61% Pat Marsh Liberal Democrats Declaration for Stray, Woodlands and Hookstone (Harrogate)
Tadcaster 42.36% Kirsty Leanne Poskitt Independent Declaration for Tadcaster
Thirsk 31.74% Gareth Wedgwood Dadd Conservative Party Declaration for Thirsk
Thornton Dale and Wolds 37.14% Janet Elaine Sanderson Conservative Party Declaration for Thornton Dale and Wolds
Thorpe Willoughby and Hambleton 32.41% Cliff Lunn Conservative Party Declaration for Thorpe Willoughby and Hambleton
Upper Dales 41.85% Yvonne Peacock Conservative Party Declaration for Upper Dales
Valley Gardens and Central Harrogate 34.75% Sam Gibbs Conservative Party Declaration for Valley Gardens and Central Harrogate
Washburn and Birstwith 37.17% Nathan Roger Hull Conservative Party Declaration for Washburn and Birstwith
Wathvale and Bishop Monkton 34.37% Nicholas Malcolm Brown Conservative Party Declaration for Wathvale and Bishops Monkton
Weaponness and Ramshill 36.88% Richard Garry Maw Labour Party Declaration for Weaponness and Ramshill
Wharfedale 46.76% Richard William Foster Conservative Party Declaration for Wharfedale
Whitby Streonshalh 27.93% Neil Russell Swannick Labour Party Declaration for Whitby Streonshalh
Whitby West 29.95% Phillip Henry Trumper Conservative Party Declaration for Whitby West
Woodlands (Scarborough) 26.35% John Ritchie Labour and Cooperative Party Declaration for Woodlands (Scarborough)

Election turnout

Area Votes recorded Total electorate Turnout
Craven 17,670 45,616 38.74%
Hambleton 25,790 73,287 35.19%
Harrogate 45,670 125,391 36.42%
Richmondshire 12,820 37,456 34.23%
Ryedale 16,230 41,723 38.90%
Scarborough 26,307 84,327 31.20%
Selby 24,482 70,739 34.61%
North Yorkshire 168,969 478,539 35.31%

In July 2021, the Government announced that a new single council would be formed to deliver all services across North Yorkshire on the footprint of the current county council.

The 90 councillors voted in will serve the final year of the county council and will then be the voice of the people for the first four years of the new single council. District and borough councils will remain until 1 April, 2023, and the councillors serving those organisations will continue in their roles until that date.

You can see the new electoral divisions on a map here, or read a list of the new electoral divisions by district here.