Cemeteries in the Scarborough area

Find information about purchasing grave spaces, burials, and memorials in Woodlands, Dean Road and Manor Road cemeteries.

We look after active cemeteries at: 

To arrange a burial or memorial please contact us.

You can find more information on our plot fees here.

Burial records

We hold records for every burial at these facilities. If you would like to conduct a search, please contact us with as much information about the deceased as possible.

Opening hours

Our Scarborough cemeteries are open from sunrise to sunset. Take care in the dark or in adverse weather conditions, and please respect the grounds at all times.

Fees and charges

You can find a full list of bereavement service fees in the Scarborough area here. You can also  download a copy of the bereavement service costs for the Scarborough area (pdf / 271 KB).

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to common questions about burial, graves, and cremation on the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management website