Contacting your library and using its services

How to contact your library, join, and access your account to request and renew items.

There are lots of ways to contact your library, depending on what you want to do or find out.

You can find lots of information about your local library including contact details and the services offered.

We have various social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. We also have a library app, or you can contact us.

Join the library

You can visit any North Yorkshire library to join in person. It is free, and you do not need any ID. Children of any age can join and do not need parental permission or a parent present. You can also join online.

Join the library online

Join the library

After registering, you will be sent an email confirming your membership.

Accessing your library account

You will need your library card number and personal identification number to access your library account.

Request items

There are several ways of requesting items, including books, periodicals, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and language courses. We will send them to be collected from a library of your choice. Once an item is available, you will be notified by email or letter.

You can request items online through the library catalogue. You will need your library card number and personal identification number.

Items can also be requested in person at any library or the Supermobile library to be collected the next time it visits your area.

There is a small charge for requesting books. Books that are not in stock can be requested through the inter-library loans scheme, which carries a further charge. There is no charge for requesting audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and language courses, but hire charges still apply when the item is collected.

You can find out about the full list of charges.

Renewing books and other items

You can also renew items by calling the automated number 01609 532774 and entering your library card number and personal identification number.

You may also renew your books by taking the book details to your library, calling your local library, via email or online by logging into your account via the library catalogue.

Booking a computer

You can book a computer online.

You will need your library card and personal identification number.