Computers and online support at your library

Find out how libraries can help you get online through computers, free wi-fi and a team of friendly staff and volunteers.

Free wi-fi

All libraries have free wi-fi if you want to bring your own device.

Computers in the library

You are welcome to use a computer in any of our libraries free of charge for 60 minutes each day.

Additional free time is available if your use of computers is severely restricted by a physical or cognitive difficulty. It is also available to assist with job seeking and claiming Universal Credit. Speak to a member of staff for help with this.

You are unable to save personal files on the computers but you can save work onto external storage devices, such as a USB memory stick.


If you require more than 60 minutes’ computer time, you can pay per half hour or you can take out a computer subscription.

Subscription length Cost
Annual subscription - 12 months
  • £16 for six hours per week
Quarterly subscription - three months
  • £6 for six hours per week
Unlimited time subscription
  • £37 for 12 months
  • £22 for six months

You are able to print and photocopy at your local library.

You can print from your own device.

Paper size Cost
A4 sheet
  • 20p per side for black and white printing
  • 50p per side for colour printing
A3 sheet
  • 50p per side for black and white printing
  • £1 per side for colour printing

Booking a computer

It is best to book ahead to avoid disappointment. This can be done in person, by phone or you can book a computer online.

Information technology support

Most libraries have IT buddies - friendly volunteers who can help you learn how to use a library computer or your own device. Speak to a volunteer or member of staff to find out what your library offers. Our IT buddies are volunteers and there are restrictions on what they can help with.

Specialist equipment is also available for people with disabilities. Let your library know in advance what equipment you require and we will do our best to provide this.

Acceptable use policy

Use of library computers is subject to our acceptable use policy.

Code clubs

Many libraries run their own code clubs. Ask at your local library or check out their Facebook page.

Borrowing digital equipment

You can borrow a BBC Microbit free from your library to continue your coding adventure at home.

Reboot North Yorkshire

Reboot North Yorkshire is a scheme aimed at providing IT equipment and access to the internet to those who most need it.