Community risks - wildfire

Hot, dry, and windy weather provides ideal conditions for wildfires. They present a real danger to life, property, wildlife and the environment.

Risks of wildfires

Wildfires are easily started and can spread rapidly, putting people, property and wildlife at risk. There are also long-term impacts in terms of restoration of the landscape, public health, air quality, water quality and business.  

Prevent a wildfire

  • Never use disposable barbecues in open spaces
  • Do not light campfires - they can become out of control easily and spread rapidly
  • Take all your litter home with you, especially glass bottles which can concentrate the sun’s rays and start a fire
  • Avoid smoking in the countryside. If you do, put out your cigarettes thoroughly and take them home with you
  • Keep children away from lighters and matches
  • Regularly check your smoke alarm is working
  • Plan an escape route with your family and pick a safe space in case your route is blocked
  • Book a free home fire safety check from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

You can find more advice on wildfire prevention from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service