Catterick Garrison town centre designs

View the latest designs for Catterick Garrison's town centre and surrounding area.

Designs based on local feedback 

We received a 78% positive response rate to the overall proposal to re-develop Catterick Garrison town centre in the previous consultation.

The following feedback has been used to develop these latest designs of the area:

  • community space to be used for arts and crafts activities (26%), family activity sessions (23%) and zero waste supermarket (27%)
  • more spaces for group socialising and wider food choices
  • make the site accessible and safe for everyone


Catterick Garrison town centre central area plan showing the terraced gardens and accessible access, the public square, community building, car park and community gardens

Public realm improvements

The main central area improvements will include:

  • new cycle routes and paths through the park
  • part pedestrianisation of Shute Road
  • soft landscaping and new tree planting 
  • new community garden
  • outdoor shaded structure
  • new public space for outdoor events
  • improved access to public park from Richmond Road
  • new buildings
  • public art
  • new play areas
  • electric car charging
  • CCTV and security lighting


Design plan showing proposed cycle track, footpaths, off road and on road cycling, widened footpaths, and proposed cycle paths for the new Catterick Garrison town centre

Access and connectivity improvements

Improvements will include:

  • new cycle route to community square
  • resurfacing of pathways
  • accessible sloped access
  • additional pathways between features
  • reduced traffic and traffic speed
  • enhanced access to community square



Community and enterprise building plans

  • office space for start-up and small businesses
  • space for community groups to come together for training and social use
  • new food and drink outlets and a flexible indoor space for socialising and events
  • canopy to provide shelter for outdoor seating
  • designed to maximise the use of renewable energy for electricity and heating/cooling

Take a look at the artist's designs for the buildings along with the floor layouts (please click on each image to view a larger version of the image).

Site constraints

We have to consider a number of different factors when developing this site. There are a number of constraints that affect how we can develop the area such as:

  • vehicular traffic on Shute Road
  • distance from the main shopping area
  • Richmond Road is 6 meters higher than Shute Road
  • buried underground services
  • need to protect existing trees
  • historical demolitions/unknown ground conditions
  • environmental consideration
  • existing buildings