Community Asset Transfers in Scarborough

Details of historic long leasehold or freehold arrangements between Scarborough Borough Council and voluntary and community organisations, parish or town councils.

Decisions relating to the historic transfer of council assets belonging to the former Scarborough Borough Council.

Completed asset transfers

Dean Road Cemetery Chapel

On 2 March 2016 Scarborough Borough Council approved the freehold transfer of Dean Road Cemetery Chapel to Dean Road Chapel Ltd, subject to Dean Road Chapel Ltd securing grant funding for the refurbishment of the building and subject to the necessary planning and other permissions being obtained. Once completed the Freehold Transfer includes a restrictive covenant to ensure that the asset continues to be accessible to the public and provides benefits to the wider community.

Raincliffe Woods

On 20 December 2015 Scarborough Borough Council agreed the transfer of Raincliffe Woods to Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise (RWCE).

46 Cross Street (The Base)

This was transferred to Castle Community Network in September 2014 for the delivery of a range of community activities, support and services. This enabled the group to consolidate their activity onto one site and to relinquish the premises in the market vaults and Market Way that were previously leased.

Amenity Seating for Newby and Scalby Parish Council

On 29 November 2012, Scarborough Borough Council agreed to a freehold transfer of all seats within Newby and Scalby Parish to Newby and Scalby Parish Council, except for memorial seats.

7 Market Way (The Base)

Scarborough Borough Council temporarily transferred this property to Castle Community Network. The asset has since returned to general letting, following Castle Community Network securing 46 Cross Street.

Assets considered for asset transfer

Disused toilet block (Filey Country Park)

Scarborough Borough Council received an application from Discover Filey Development Trust Ltd in September 2012. The application was to convert the property into:

  • educational, heritage and visitor centre
  • community and schools learning space
  • community events and activities hub
  • ancillary gift shop and light refreshment area
  • toilet facilities and wet room
  • outside events hub

And also provide:

  • nature and heritage, trails, walks and talks
  • bird and small mammal monitoring
  • astronomy events

The toilet block has now been demolished. Proposals for an alternative site for the Discovery Centre within the Country Park are still being considered.

Millennium Field, Scarborough

In October 2013, Newby and Scalby Parish Council applied to transfer Millennium Field, land between Hillcrest Avenue and Pornic Avenue, Scarborough

The application was to maintain the land as a public open space and wildflower meadow to provide a wildlife and recreational for residents and visitors to the parish. In July 2017 the application was deferred, pending resolution of planning matters in relation to adjacent housing development.

Land bordering Cholmley allotments, Whitby

In March 2014 Whitby Town Council applied for the asset in order to extend the existing allotment site. Work to develop the business plan is ongoing.

Assets not considered suitable for asset transfer

Scarborough Borough Council also considered applications in relation to the following assets which are not considered suitable for transfer:

  • open space to the rear of Danes Dyke, Newby
  • council offices on Skinner Street, Whitby
  • Scalby Manor Field
  • football pitches on Oliver's Mount, Scarborough
  • Old Town hall and public clock and associated market, Church Street, Whitby

Applications received but not proceeding

  • former Changing Rooms and Gallows Field (group no longer functioning)
  • Falsgrave Community Resource Centre
  • Evron Centre, Filey
  • Children's Corner, South Bay Scarborough