Council housing in the Hambleton area

Find out about council housing, how to apply and what happens when you are on the housing register.

North Yorkshire Home Choice

We transferred all our housing stock to Broadacres Housing Association in 1993. That service is now run through North Yorkshire Home Choice. 

Vacant properties are advertised and applicants registered with the scheme will be able to bid, or show interest, in the homes that are listed. In time, this process of advertising will include other housing-related services, such as mutual exchanges and low-cost home ownership.


You can apply online on the North Yorkshire Home Choice website.

Once you have completed your application form, we will need to verify your details and activate your application.

What happens next

Once you are accepted on to the housing register we will write to tell you:

  • your housing application unique reference number and memorable date
  • the priority band your application has been placed in
  • the number of bedrooms and type of property you are entitled to bid on

Changes in circumstances

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so that we can reassess your application and, if necessary, make changes to your band and bedroom entitlement. 

You can report a change in circumstance to us online here.

If you are under 25

If you are single and under 25, the maximum rent used in calculation of Housing Benefit will be based on the average rent in the area for single-roomed accommodation with the shared use of toilet and kitchen facilities.