Community Safety Hubs

Local help and support for community safety initiatives across North Yorkshire.

Community Safety Hubs are based in local areas and usually consists of at least one council officer and an officer from North Yorkshire Police. Where needed there is capacity to bring in the fire service, social landlords, probation services, youth services, voluntary services and other local agencies to tackle issues as they arise.

When crime and anti-social behaviour issues are highlighted or trends identified, multi-agency problem solving interventions can be quickly put in place to help our neighbourhoods stay safe. We have access to countywide community safety services, and can facilitate projects to reduce crime and disorder as well as working towards the Prevent Duty.

North Yorkshire and York’s Community Safety Hubs are multi-agency teams that coordinate partnership activity to address issues that have an impact on the safety of our communities. They have a focus on those most in need of help in order to intervene at the earliest opportunity and promote community resourcefulness.

The work has seen crime and anti-social behaviour levels drop significantly over recent years for residents and visitors.

The focus is mainly on early intervention and prevention.  Our primary aim is the safeguarding of vulnerable people.

Through the Hubs, multi-agency problem solving is the key to tackling troubling behaviour in our towns and villages and all organisations work together to solve issues and incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership takes the strategic lead for statutory responsibilities. It brings together the responsible authorities, supported by other relevant organisations, to fulfil their statutory responsibilities to work together in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Each district has a Local Delivery Team (LDT) whose to bring together the operational managers of the responsible authorities, supported by other relevant organisations, to co-ordinate and ensure the delivery of the North Yorkshire Community Safety Plan.