Catterick Garrison town centre

Levelling Up Fund improvements to Catterick town centre and Shute Road.

Following a 2022 bid to the Levelling Up Fund by Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the Ministry of Defence, the UK government awarded £19 million to develop Catterick town centre and improve the surrounding land around Shute Road. 

The funding will be used to:

  • provide more community facilities and space
  • improve pedestrian access
  • deliver extra retail and commercial premises
  • drive further investment into the area

Further details about the proposed changes to the area can be viewed in the  Catterick Garrison town centre regeneration levelling up bid document (pdf / 9 MB).

Latest developments

The planning application for the development has now been lodged following a public consultation in July 2023 when 72% of the community who responded to a survey, were positive about the new proposal. Permission is being sought to create:

  • a new town square on Shute Road
  • a new pedestrian ramp connecting the development to Richmond Road
  • the construction of a Community and Enterprise building - this will house offices for small businesses as well as space for community groups and food retail. Carbon emissions will be reduced through the use of sustainable design and renewable energy

The plans also include:

  • landscaping improvements
  • upgrades to Coronation Park and Shute Road
  • improved play spaces
  • accessible routes to the town centre
  • improvements to footpaths and cycle ways 

We will work with the Ministry of Defence to bring the proposals to fruition by June 2025. Besides the £19 million from the Levelling Up Fund, the remaining match-funding has come from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the authority.

All documents associated with the planning applications can be found on our Planning Portal.