Chargeable domestic collections in the Scarborough area

Find out about chargeable domestic collections for business rated holiday let accommodation in the Scarborough area.

Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), all businesses (including those operating from home), have a legal responsibility to safely contain and dispose of any waste produced as a result of their business. This legal responsibility includes holiday let properties.

You have several options available to you for the collection and disposal of your holiday accommodation waste (all prices are exempt from VAT):

Option 1: Chargeable domestic collections for holiday let accommodation

Annual standard fixed charge for the year (April to March). This is the standard residential service of alternate refuse and recycling collections. Please read our seasonal and small holiday lets section

Option 2: Request a bespoke commercial waste quote

You should contact us to request a bespoke commercial waste quote

Option 3: Commercial waste collection from an alternative supplier

Tell us what arrangements you've made for commercial waste collection by uploading a copy of your waste transfer note.

Tell us about your waste arrangements

Terms and conditions

View our holiday lets terms and conditions

Accepting our waste transfer note

For removal of non-hazardous waste from your premises you need a waste transfer note. This note covers the storage of waste on premises as well as its safe collection and disposal. Once you have paid for chargeable domestic collections, to fulfil your legal duties, you must complete the waste transfer note online or return a signed copy by post.

Complete your waste transfer note online

Postal address:

Commercial Services
Town Hall
St. Nicholas Street
YO11 2HG

Our terms and conditions still apply should you not return our waste transfer note.

Small Business Rate Relief and waste collections

Business owners have a legal duty to ensure that their waste is disposed of via a licensed waste carrier, and they retain a valid Waste Transfer Note (WTN) as evidence of these arrangements for each business property. By not complying with this, you are at risk of a fixed penalty notice of £400.00 or criminal prosecution.  

Chargeable domestic collections is a cost efficient and year round service which Business Rated Holiday Let accommodation can utilize.

In line with a national effort to increase recycling and to stop the fly tipping of waste, we will request evidence of your collection and disposal arrangements for your business waste.  This evidence is a Waste Transfer Note (WTN), which is a legal document issued by a licensed waste carrier who makes collections on your behalf.


We have different arrangements in place for registered charities. You can contact us to discuss your arrangements or request a review online:

Request a review of my waste arrangements

All businesses, regardless of their size or the volume of waste they produce, are required to have a valid waste agreement in place with a licensed service provider.

There are no exemptions from the legal duty, based on smaller quantities of waste being produced.

All businesses must keep their Waste Transfer Note as evidence of their arrangements for at least 2 years and provide it to us upon request.

The charge for our standard domestic collection is a fixed annual charge, however, if your property is only available for letting for a part of the year, you may find a seasonal commercial waste contract is more suitable.  

Request a seasonal commercial waste contract quote

Seasonal commercial waste contracts are only available to businesses that let and advertise their property on a seasonal basis.

Waste recycling centres and fly tipping

If you prefer to take your business waste to a local waste recycling centre, you will need to register as a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency and obtain a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) each time you go to the tip. You will also need to ensure that you pay for the waste, as it has not been produced at a residential property.

Fly tipping is a serious criminal offence. If you fly tip, or your waste is collected by an unauthorised waste carrier, and is then subsequently found to be fly tipped, you are still responsible. You could face a heavy fine and a criminal record.

You can view a list of household waste recycling centres in North Yorkshire.

Collection days

Option 1: If you use our standard domestic collections, then your collection day will not change, and it will continue to be collected by our domestic refuse team.

Option 2: Bespoke commercial waste contract, we may collect rubbish from your holiday let on a different day, but we will try to fit around your preference.

If you're a commercial waste customer, we may be able to collect up to 7 days a week, multiple times a day.

Sacks and bins

If you opt for our standard collection service, domestic sacks will continue to be provided where bins are not appropriate.

If you have one of our bins at your property, you're responsible for the safe storage and correct use of them. Bins remain the property of North Yorkshire Council and any lost or stolen bins are subject to a charge.

You can find out what can go in your domestic bin or sacks online.

Order a new bin

Cancelling chargeable domestic collections

You can cancel your collections at any time. However, no refunds can be made, any bins that we own will be removed from your property and you will be removed from the domestic bin round.

If you would like to re-subscribe to chargeable domestic collections, there is a charge for the delivery of each bin and there may be a delay in the commencement of your collections.

If you buy or sell a property part way through a year your charge will be reduced based on the number of months you owned the property. If you pay in full and sell the property, then a partial refund may be available on request. This is the only circumstance that a refund can be made

You should contact us to request a refund after the sale has completed.

Reporting a missed domestic collection

You can report a missed collection at a property on chargeable domestic collections for holiday let accommodation online. You can only report a missed collection once you have subscribed and paid for the service.

Report a missed chargeable domestic collection