Care at home

Home care can help you continue to live independently and safely in your own home.

Contact us 

When you speak to us, we will advise you on whether we can help. If we are not, we will tell you how to get more information about services in your area. 

Social care services may need to carry out a home assessment.

Contact us.

Other support available

If you find it difficult in your home, it may be possible to have it adapted. You could also use telecare, a system that uses technology to help vulnerable people at home. Alarms are also available.  

Our social care support section explains some of the options available to help you. If you have more substantial care needs, moving into social care housing may be an option.

AskSARA online self-assessment

Use the free AskSARA online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping yourself with daily activities in your own home. This is an alternative option to contacting us directly. 

Charges you may have to pay

You will have to pay for some social care services in the community but others may be free or at a reduced level, depending on your financial circumstances. 

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment.