Authorised Agents

Our local assistance fund operates through a network of specialist organisations, which include our frontline teams, charities, treatment services, social landlords, public sector services and others. These organisations are called Authorised Agents.

It is a key principle of our local assistance fund that applicants work with authorised agents to receive specialist longer term support that can help to address the emergency situation or underlying need that the individual or family may be experiencing, and why an initial enquiry might have been made about our local assistance fund. It is important that an application to our local assistance fund is seen as one element of a wider package of support that the authorised agent can offer, and applications are made to our local assistance fund at the agent’s discretion.

To be eligible for additional support from our local assistance fund, applicants must meet one of the vulnerability criteria and be receiving support from an Authorised Agent. The list of Authorised Agents can be found below.

Please note that if you are not working with one of the Authorised Agents below you cannot just turn up at an Authorised Agent in order to apply to our local assistance fund. You must already be receiving support from at least one of them. For details of who is eligible for support via this fund and how to apply visit our Local assistance fund page.

Our council services

  • living well
  • benefits, assessments and charging
  • children and young people homeless prevention
  • adult social care teams
  • community mental health teams
  • early help
  • leaving care
  • housing options

Other services

  • Carers Resource
  • Independent Domestic Abuse Service (IDAS)
  • Yorkshire Housing
  • Safe and Sound Homes
  • Foundation RACs and young people’s pathway
  • North Yorkshire Horizons
  • Horton Housing Gateway (GRTS)
  • National Probation Service
  • Hambleton and Richmondshire carers centre
  • Harrogate Homeless Project
  • The Beacon (Riverside)
  • Selby Carers count