Occupational Therapy

We offer two kinds of occupational therapy service - social and health.

Social care occupational therapy

The service will assess how disability affects your daily life. 

It can provide:

  • equipment
  • adaptations to your home
  • help to maintain your independence
  • assistance for your career

The service is provided to people of all ages who have completed a free social care needs assessment and been declared eligible.

Health occupational therapy

The service covers stays in hospital and your return home. 

It can provide a specialist therapeutic service, including assessment and treatment and will ensure you return home safely.

Ask for an assessment

If you already have a care manager or social care worker, ask them for an occupational therapy assessment.  

If you are not known to our social care services, contact us and we will arrange for an assessment, if necessary. 


You will have to pay for some social care services in the community, but others may be free or cost you less, depending on your financial circumstances. 

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment.