Benefit fraud

Information about preventing and reporting benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is when someone claims benefits they are not entitled to. For example by:

  • not reporting a change in circumstances
  • providing false or misleading information
  • working but not declaring this when making a claim
  • claiming as a single person when living with a partner
  • not declaring savings or income

If someone provides false information or does not report a change in their circumstances in relation to the benefits they receive, then they may be committing fraud.

We rely on members of the public to report suspected cases of fraud and investigate all reports we receive.

We are committed to preventing and detecting benefit fraud to protect the funding and services which support our communities.

Reporting benefit fraud

You can report someone you think is committing benefit fraud:

It is free to call and you do not have to give your name or contact details. A voicemail facility is available when calling out of hours.