Manage your commercial waste service in the Scarborough, Richmondshire and Hambleton areas

Make payments, request service changes, accept a waste transfer note or buy waste sacks, for current commercial waste customers in the Scarborough, Richmondshire and Hambleton area.

Change your commercial waste service

Make a change to your contract using the change in service form.

You can:

  • add or remove a bin
  • increase the frequency of collections
  • change your collection season

 Make a service change

Report a problem

Report a problem with your commercial waste service, such as:

  • report a missed collection
  • report a lost or stolen bin
  • report a broken or damaged bin

Report a problem with your commercial waste service


Pay your invoice online

Pay an invoice

You can also pay by Direct Debit

Annual commercial waste sack service

Buy general waste and recycling sacks if:

  • your business cannot store a wheeled bin on the premises
  • your business doesn’t create large amounts of trade waste

Once purchased, sacks are collected for up to 12 months on the designated collection day for the business property. You can read our annual sack collection terms and conditions here.

Minimum order is 60 sacks a year and delivery is within 7 working days.

If you have issues with seagulls, you can purchase a seagull proof outer sack online here. For further information on gull issues, please visit our seagull webpage here.

 Order commercial waste sacks online

Accepting our waste transfer note

For removal of non-hazardous waste from your premises you need a waste transfer note.  This note covers the storage of waste on premises as well as its safe collection and disposal.  

To fulfil your legal duties, you must complete the waste transfer note online or return a signed copy by post. Read our full commercial waste terms and conditions here.

 Complete your waste transfer note online

Or return a signed copy by post to:

Commercial Services
Town Hall
St. Nicholas Street
YO11 2HG

Our terms and conditions still apply should you not return our waste transfer note.