Household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) policies

Policy 1 - We will locate Household Waste Recycling Centres across the county on the basis that a minimum of 95% of the public live within 20 minutes drive time of a facility.

Policy 2 - We will locate Household Waste Recycling Centres across the county on the basis that no single HWRC, or an average of two where they serve the same community, serves a population greater than 69,000 people

Policy 3 - We will ensure that the future design and operation of HWRCs will address the needs of potentially disadvantaged groups. Wherever feasible, HWRC services will be harmonised with those of the collection authorities by agreements to ensure equality of access to all waste management services by all sectors of the community

Policy 4 - We aims to provide an accessible HWRC service at all sites during reasonable daylight hours throughout the week, as resources and operating restrictions allow. Where it is not possible to provide a full service at all sites during reasonable daylight hours availability may be adjusted at all or some HWRCs in such a way as to minimise the impact on the largest number of residents. Changes to HWRC opening hours will not be made without appropriate consultation.

Policy 5 - We will provide a Customer Care Charter for users of HWRCs.

Policy 6 - We will provide a 'strategic' site in each Area Committee area of the County.

Policy 7 - We will provide temporary skip services to larger centres of population greater than 20 minutes drive time from a permanent HWRC and will seek to provide permanent sites as and when resources allow.

Policy 8 - We will provide HWRCs to high standards and will ensure HWRCs remain safe, equitable, secure and pleasant places to use, work in or live near to.

Policy 9 - We will provide signs from main roads to sites that are fit for purpose and adequate; on-site signs will be clear and easy to understand.

Policy 10 - We will inform residents where HWRCs are and what they are there for both on and off the sites.

Policy 11 - We will welcome visits from interested people such as schools and local community groups.

Policy 12 - We will provide HWRCs with the principle role of facilitating the diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill and maximising the recovery of resources to help meet the Council’s strategic objectives and performance targets for waste

Policy 13 - We will provide facilities at all HWRCs, where space allows, for green waste to be separated for composting and for timber, metals, paper and cardboard to be collected for recycling or recovery.

Policy 14 - We will seek to provide facilities at all sites to enable the collection and disposal of other waste streams including commercial waste, and will make an appropriate charge for the receipt of these wastes.

Policy 15 - We will encourage re-use of items delivered to HWRCs, monitor the impact on waste diversion rates and ensure that re-use activities are carried out in accordance with relevant legislation so as to protect the public at large

Policy 16 - We will provide HWRCs for the use of North Yorkshire residents for disposal of their household waste free of charge at the point of use. Where appropriate HWRCs will also accept wastes from non-residents as well as other non-household waste subject to the costs of dealing with these wastes being recovered through charging, unless in the case of waste delivered by non-residents reciprocal arrangements are in place with neighbouring Councils

Policy 17 - We will allow neighbours, family, friends and charitable organisations, to deliver other residents household waste to HWRCs in accordance with published guidelines

Policy 18 – (not used) We will, provide a commercial waste service at strategic sites to serve the needs of each district and the business community

  • where no other suitable commercial waste services serve the area and
  • where it does not detract from the service provided to householders
  • no hazardous commercial waste will be accepted, other than bonded asbestos by prior arrangement.

and charge accordingly.

Policy 19 – (not used) We may provide a service for soil, rubble and plasterboard disposal provided that HWRC operating contractors agree to receive these wastes at no costs to the County Council.

Policy 20 - (not used) We will allow its HWRC contractors to recover costs for the disposal of soil, rubble and plasterboard by making a charge.

Policy 21 - We will introduce access restrictions on large vehicles at its HWRCs based on published guidelines.

Policy 22 - We will take appropriate enforcement action against those who persistently abuse the arrangements/facilities provided at each HWRC where this is in the best interests of the authority and to the detriment of the public purse.

Policy 23 - We will prohibit persons under 16 from entering HWRCs unless supervised by a responsible adult and only permit domestic animals on site if they remain in a vehicle.

Policy 24 - We will call the facilities provided under Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part II Section 51(1)(b) “Household Waste Recycling Centres”