Scarborough business development grant scheme

Find out how we can help small and medium sized businesses in the Scarborough area to grow.

The Scarborough business development grant scheme has been established to encourage the formation of new enterprises and stimulate the growth of established small and medium sized businesses in the Scarborough, Whitby and Filey area:

  • Burniston and Cloughton
  • Castle
  • Cayton
  • Danby and Mulgrave
  • Derwent Valley and Moor
  • Eastfield
  • Esk Valley
  • Falsgrave and Stepney
  • Filey
  • Fylingdales and Ravenscar
  • Hunmanby
  • Mayfield
  • Newby
  • Northstead
  • Scalby
  • Seamer
  • Streonshalh
  • Weaponness and Ramshill
  • Whitby West Cliff
  • Woodlands
Application deadlines

Grant applications will be considered on a quarterly basis. The application deadlines for the 2023 to 2024 financial year are:

  • Friday 25 August 2023
  • Friday 24 November 2023
  • Friday 23 February 2024

Any applications received will be assessed approximately 14 days after the closing date has passed.

Ensure any applications have all the relevant supporting information attached as requested on the application form. Failure to provide these documents will prevent the application from been considered. All potential applicants must seek the services of a business advisor prior to submitting an application. Please allow sufficient time before the closing date for this process to take place.

Eligibility criteria and guidance notes

The Business Development Grant Scheme is split in two parts:

  • Business Startup Grant
  • Business Expansion Grant

You may only apply for grant aid under either the Business Startup Grant or the Business Expansion Grant.

The grants are entirely discretionary, and emphasis is on businesses to illustrate the grant is needed. You will need to demonstrate that your project would not go ahead without the grant support.

Business Startup Grant


This scheme is targeted at new startups and businesses less than 18 months old. The grant is available to new businesses who can demonstrate contribution to the priorities and objectives of the council and its strategies. Businesses must demonstrate a need for the grant and provide a Business Plan with a financial forecast outturn.

Scope of Assistance

Applications can be made for assistance towards the following costs:

  • the provision of necessary machinery and equipment (excluding motor vehicles and consumables)
  • the extension, adaptation or improvement of facilities within premises (excluding structural repairs, maintenance or installation of utilities)
  • marketing where it forms part of a promotional programme, which is likely to lead to job creation

Grant is awarded at 50% of eligible expenditure up to a maximum of £1,000 to any one concern in any one financial year. However, applicants should note that the maximum will be given only for an exceptional project.

Business Expansion Grant


This scheme is aimed at assisting both existing small and medium businesses in the Scarborough, Whitby and Filey area who may be looking to strengthen their market position or expand into new markets, and new small businesses attracted into the area.

Applicant businesses must be in a profitable position and be able to demonstrate how the business intends to grow over the next 2 years as well as identifying their contribution to the priorities and objectives of the council.

Scope of Assistance

This grant is based on a specific need having been identified through the development of a Business Plan and evidence of job creation. Examples of areas of eligible expenditure could be:

  • researching new markets
  • product development
  • skills training

Grant is awarded at 50% of total eligible expenditure up to a maximum of £5,000 to any one concern in any one financial year. However, applicants should note that the maximum will be given only for an exceptional project.

Priorities and objectives of the council

The council has a number of key policies and strategies which inform the priorities of the council. Applicants to the Business Development Grant Scheme need to demonstrate they meet one or more of the following objectives;

  • new jobs created
  • increased skills and educational attainment
  • enhance cultural provision
  • diversify economic base of the area
  • enhance tourism sector to increase visitor expenditure
  • reduction in welfare dependency
  • enhance environment
  • improve connectivity / create technologically smart towns
  • target action within economically and socially disadvantaged areas

Conditions of the grant

  1. The approval or refusal of a grant and the amount awarded is at the absolute discretion of the Business Development Grant Panel. There is no right to appeal.
  2. Applicants with outstanding liabilities to North Yorkshire Council cannot be considered for a Business Grant.
  3. Grants will not be given for expenditure incurred prior to an application being made.
  4. Payments of grants will be for 50% of expenditure incurred up to the maximum amount of grant awarded. (For example, if applicants are awarded a grant of £500, applicants would need to spend £1,000 to claim the £500 grant)
  5. The offer of grant assistance will be for a period of 6 months with effect from the date offered.
  6. Grants are claimed retrospectively - after purchase of eligible items and proof submitted and within 6 months of the dated offer letter.
  7. Payment of grant to successful applicants will preferably be made in one sum on the receipt by the council of evidence that the applicant has incurred the expenditure. However, staged payments will be considered.
  8. Expenditure must be incurred using a debit/credit card or cheque. Payments of grants will not be made towards expenditure incurred using the payment method of cash. Bank statements will be requested as proof.
  9. Applicants will be required to evidence jobs created or increased business space created as well as sustainability after receipt of the grant. The council may also carry out a monitoring visit.
  10. The council reserves the right to reclaim the grant in the event of the business operation ceasing to operate within the area within 12 months from the date the grant was approved.
  11. Failure to adhere to any of these conditions will result in non-payment of grant.

Business advice

We strongly advise all applicants seek independent business advice before making an application. There are a number of organisations within the Scarborough, Whitby and Filey area that can provide this service.

We will not accept applications without the required supporting information as detailed in Sections E - Background Information and F - Financial Information on the application form.


To apply, please download an application form and return it to us. Details are at the end of the form.