Buy Local

Buy Local is the North Yorkshire market place linking businesses with customers to help people shop locally.

Buy Local success stories

Settle for nothing but the best for local businesses

When estate agents crunched information from more than 1,000 locations in England to find the best, Settle was number eight in their national top ten. 

One detail researchers may have failed to take into account is the benefit of Buy Local, which is a boost to both shoppers and those running independent businesses in the area. 

The town has embraced the idea with enthusiasm, with a dozen businesses signed up on the site. 

One Settle business that signed up to Buy Local is Settle Country Store, which sells goods ranging from outdoor clothing to hardware, pet food and equestrian products. 

Manager David Elms said: “We try and cater for our customers’ individual needs and we have always done that.” 

The shop is part of the Settle Coal Company and has been trading for around three years. David believes the Buy Local website helps to alert potential customers to what they have to offer. 

“I think it’s a benefit because a lot of people don’t know that businesses exist,” he said. “It amazes me the amount of people who don’t know the companies that are in their area. 

“That’s where the Buy Local site works really well, because it is just literally local businesses.” 

Hear more from David on the benefits of Buy Local.

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